What is the Best Post Camp Diet?


If you are attending a Rubio Long Snapping Camp, you want to have some tips on what type of diet can help you refuel for your next workout. Here are some fundamental things to keep in mind.



  • Hydration is a key component in pre-camp preparation, during camp, and your after camp diet. Restoring your fluid levels is critical after camp.
  • Part of the effects of dehydration is loss of sodium. You will need to replace sodium lost during camp.
  • You should drink about 150% of your total weight lost during camp to rehydrate properly.
  • Most athletes find it easier to drink fluids that eat during the immediate period following a camp. A sports drink with nutritional supplements can help restore nutrients.
  • Post camp meals should include plenty of carbohydrates, but also be balanced. They should be easy to digest.


Remember, you are not just eating to solve an urge. Eating serves as a way to refuel your body, and help restore it. Much of the weight lost during a camp is from fluids not the loss of fat. Getting re-hydrated, replacing lost sodium and eating carbohydrates can go a long way in getting you prepared for your next workout.



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