Where Are They Now? Rubio Long Snapper Tyler Schmitt

For the next installment of “Where Are They Now?” we venture to the back of a camera lens to hear from Rubio Long Snapper Tyler Schmitt. Tyler was a tremendous athlete in high school, dominated at SDSU and was drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in the 6th Round (Go Hawks!)

Check out what has been going on with Rubio Long Snapper Tyler Schmitt….

1.  What is your current occupation?  11142232_711004645674731_59132459_n

Professional Landscape Photographer 

2. Where do you live?

La Jolla , CA half of the year, exploring the globe the other half. 

3. Married/ Kids? Single. No kids

4. What is your fondest memory of your time playing college football? 

My fondest memory of playing football is running out of the tunnel at The Big House (Michigan) in front of 110,000 people as a 18 year old freshman. I’ve never been more terrified/excited to play in a game. 

5. If you could give ONE bit of advice to the current Rubio Long Snappers, what would it be?

Train with the linebackers, lift with the lineman, run with the defensive backs. Don’t train like a specialist, you will not grow to your full potential. Be an athlete! Practice mind control, tell yourself you are the best long snapper in the world and that is what you will become. 

6. If you could give ONE bit of advice to the current Rubio Long Snapping PARENTS, what would it be? 

Support your son’s dreams, whatever they may be. They have been put in his heart for a reason. If that means being a long snapper then great, if that means taking a break from football to pursue another deep rooted dream then so be it. I see a lot of parents these days forcing their own childhood dreams on their kids, this works in the opposite way as they would like it too. Thank you in advance for supporting your sons desire to be the best long snapper he can be. 

7. When was the last time you snapped a ball and for what reason? Schmitt_Tyler

A few months ago giving a private lesson. Partially to show the young gentleman an example of what I was talking about, but mostly to make sure I still had it in me. 😉 

 8.   If you could go back and play football in college again, would you go to the same school or a different one? Why? 

I wouldn’t change my college experience for the world. Being a long snapper at San Diego State is truly one of the best jobs on planet earth. We have quite a nice streak of Rubio long snappers continuing on to the NFL, and we plan on extending it next year. 

 9. Any regrets during college? Something you wish you had done or maybe hadn’t?

I have no regrets during my college football career. I do wish however I would have taken care of my body and mind better. Clean eating is such an important role in maintaining a healthy career. I learned this late in my career during my short time in the NFL. Athletes spend years tearing down their body with weightlifting and practice, but rarely learn how to build back up their body (through massage, stretching, yoga, meditation) until they learn from NFL veterans. 

10.   What tremendous thing have you been a part of or experienced since you graduated? 

Since I graduated college I have had the opportunity to be drafted in the 6th round of the 2008 NFL draft by the Seattle Seahawks.  More importantly I am now pursuing a dream of sharing my photography with the world. You can check out my work at Instagram – @tyschmitt or www.tyschmitt.com (VERY WORTH CHECKING OUT!)

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What is the Best Post Camp Diet?


If you are attending a Rubio Long Snapping Camp, you want to have some tips on what type of diet can help you refuel for your next workout. Here are some fundamental things to keep in mind.



  • Hydration is a key component in pre-camp preparation, during camp, and your after camp diet. Restoring your fluid levels is critical after camp.
  • Part of the effects of dehydration is loss of sodium. You will need to replace sodium lost during camp.
  • You should drink about 150% of your total weight lost during camp to rehydrate properly.
  • Most athletes find it easier to drink fluids that eat during the immediate period following a camp. A sports drink with nutritional supplements can help restore nutrients.
  • Post camp meals should include plenty of carbohydrates, but also be balanced. They should be easy to digest.


Remember, you are not just eating to solve an urge. Eating serves as a way to refuel your body, and help restore it. Much of the weight lost during a camp is from fluids not the loss of fat. Getting re-hydrated, replacing lost sodium and eating carbohydrates can go a long way in getting you prepared for your next workout.



Pre-Camp Diet, What to Eat?

Preparing for Long Snapping Camps is crucial in getting the most out of your experience. The right food intake can help you beat camp fatigue and get the most out of your time and financial investment.

What are the best foods to eat leading up to camp? A diet strong in carbohydrates will help your stamina and performance. Too many players focus on diets high in meats and they ingest too much fat. Fats can soak up your energy and can lead to indigestion and even cramps.

A solid diet to consider would consist of about 60% carbs, 15% protein and about 25% fats. You should begin to increase your intake of fluids. Drink 16 ounces of water when you awake and drink before, during, and after exercising. In practice you will probably need at least a liter of fluid per practice hour.

It is all about making good choices. Choose toast rather than a donut. Instead of a burger select grilled fish. Instead of greasy French fries have a baked potato. Almonds and other nuts can provide much more energy than chips. Look at food as fuel, not just as something that gives you pleasure.

Your diet is just one way to prepare for your upcoming Camp. You will also need to prepare physically and mentally. The proper fuel can help you do that.

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