Rubio Long Snapping Tip: How to Snap in the Rain

After about 50 inquiries, all revolving around possible rainy games this weekend, I thought it was time I just made it public for everyone.

Here is how you snap in the rain….

1. A rainy game usually means the referee will have a towel with him to try and keep the ball dry. If he doesn’t have one, be a pal and make sure he does AND continue to ensure he always has a dry towel throughout the game.

2. When you go into punt and/or pat, get up to the line and get your feet set IMMEDIATELY.

3. Then, AS SOON AS THE REFEREE PUTS THE BALL DOWN, grab it with your dominant hand. Getting a solid grip with your dominant hand will be key to snapping a wet ball.

4. The next step is simply making sure you keep your form stays the exact same. The weather should not, and will not, impact your form. The snapping motion should be, and will be, the same.

5. The final aspect of the snap is key…MAKE SURE you follow through and I mean really follow through. Pretend you are handing the ball to the punter. Yes, you need to block and/or get down field, but your MOST IMPORTANT job in a rainy game, or not a rainy game for that matter, is to SNAP THE BALL! Remember, you are a Long Snapper….not a long blocker and not a long runner. Your main job is to snap the ball…perfectly.

6. Have fun in the rain men! Make me proud and I will see you in the fall and in Vegas!!!


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  1. Christopher Guano says

    Good evening, I have a concern in regards to snapping the football under wet/rainy conditions. I don’t have the biggest hands, along with the longest fingers. My krptonite when it comes to playing center is when it is raining, I can not grip the ball no matter what. I try to keep it dry with hand towels, and also, I try to keep my hands dry, and still nothing. When I snap the ball, the only way I can snap it, is if I place my left hand as if I were to do a long snap just secure the ball gets back to my QB safely. Note, all of these snaps are in shotgun formation. I get discouraged because of this, can you please give me some tips? I do not wear a glove when I snap.



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