Beware of Smoke and Mirrors

Below is an email I received from a parent in the Midwest this morning (names have been removed)…..

Hey Rubio, I wanted to drop you a quick email and share something with you. My son had the opportunity to attend one of the “other” national long snapping camps on Monday. The only reason we elected to do it was because it was an hour from our house and it was a day my son had free. 

In a nutshell very disappointing, minimal interaction and info for parents, minimal stretching and prep, my son had easily 300+ snaps with minimal instruction, correction, and one instructor for all long snappers.  After the camp my son got a text from the instructor inviting him to their “National Invite Camp” and he politely declined, partly because he has a college camp the same day. Normally I would encourage him to look big picture but my gut was telling me a lot of smoke and mirrors. What was advertised and what we received at the one day camp were two completely different things. 

At the end of the day my son’s comment was “Dad I am glad I’m a Rubio guy that camp was miserable.”

I guess the reason for my email is not to rip on the other guys but to send a big THANK YOU, for the continued great job you do instructing our young men.

As I have said before, many CLAIM certain things but rarely, if ever, do they actually back it up. Many will invite you to their “invite only” camps telling you what you want to hear but, what you need to realize, is that they invite EVERY SINGLE PERSON they see. If everyone is invited, how special is that invite?

Be sure to ASK AROUND before you waste your money and time.

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  1. Deidra Piatt says:

    Yep – and they have a tendency to want to change what your long snapper has worked to perfect – which puts your guy in an awkward position. You hate not to go to these camps when they are running a college camp that your son would love to go to so whats a parent to do? We had a guy that said he knew nothing about long snapping and was just filling in- we drove 8 hours to go to the camp and was SOOOO disappointed.

  2. Very hard situation and I am sorry that Rubio Long Snappers and their parents have to be put in it. I would recommend contacting the school prior to see who is running it and what credentials they have Deidra Piatt

  3. John Grant says:

    Unfortunately this happens far too often. We have tried many different camps run by many different groups and for the most part been disappointed. I won't send our son to anyone but Rubio for instruction. I found that once he started snapping the way Rubio taught him, other instructors don't try to change anything.

  4. Steffany Miller says:

    I have to admit that at the beginning we were afraid to put all of our eggs in one basket, so to speak, and unfortunately we forked over some of our hard earned money to "the other guys". I was very thankful for the advice that other long snapping momma's gave me, and now I will pass it on to others… There is only 1 long snapping guru, and ONLY 1 ranking system that MATTERS…that is Rubio Long Snapping! Tried, tested and proven… Simply the best!

  5. Laurie Leach says:

    I think you are very "well versed" on this subject! The student has to accept the challenge and learn too. (but you had a eager thirsty student) 😉

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