Don’t Be a “That Guy” on Social Media

Don’t be “that guy” who….

  • Leaves an open-ended post just waiting for someone to chime in. Confused? You have seen them, trust me, you have seen them. They go like this “Such a bad day, can’t believe that just happened….” For the love of all that is holy man, it is so obvious that you are looking for someone to ask you what happened and, honestly, it is a bit pathetic. If you have to profess your emotional needs on social media, you might need to focus on finding some good friends that you can talk to on a more personal level instead of shotgun blasting a question out that says more about you then you even know (or maybe you do, which is even worse).
  • Posts a #WCW (Women Crush Wednesday, for those not in the know) EVERY SINGLE WEEK. We get it, you have a girlfriend. We are proud of you. High five. If your lady friend needs you to continuously tell her that she is your crush, you must be the worst boyfriend in the world. I am hoping that you are showing her enough affection and attention that she can figure it out more than once a week, on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. What makes this even worse, is when you do it with every new girlfriend you have every other week.
  • Talks about your “GRIND.” We get it, you are working hard. So is everyone else and while you took the time out to “talk” about your “grind” your opponent was probably snapping another ball, lifting another weight, stretching another body part or studying some more film. Be silent about your “grind” and let your actions do the talking on the field.
  • Likes their own post. That is beyond sad. You obviously like your own post as you posted it. Come on!
  • Retweets something you find hilarious but others might find offensive. Remember, if you retweet or repost a moron, you are a moron.



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