Don’t Be a “That Guy” on Social Media

Don’t be “that guy” who….

  • Leaves an open-ended post just waiting for someone to chime in. Confused? You have seen them, trust me, you have seen them. They go like this “Such a bad day, can’t believe that just happened….” For the love of all that is holy man, it is so obvious that you are looking for someone to ask you what happened and, honestly, it is a bit pathetic. If you have to profess your emotional needs on social media, you might need to focus on finding some good friends that you can talk to on a more personal level instead of shotgun blasting a question out that says more about you then you even know (or maybe you do, which is even worse).
  • Posts a #WCW (Women Crush Wednesday, for those not in the know) EVERY SINGLE WEEK. We get it, you have a girlfriend. We are proud of you. High five. If your lady friend needs you to continuously tell her that she is your crush, you must be the worst boyfriend in the world. I am hoping that you are showing her enough affection and attention that she can figure it out more than once a week, on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. What makes this even worse, is when you do it with every new girlfriend you have every other week.
  • Talks about your “GRIND.” We get it, you are working hard. So is everyone else and while you took the time out to “talk” about your “grind” your opponent was probably snapping another ball, lifting another weight, stretching another body part or studying some more film. Be silent about your “grind” and let your actions do the talking on the field.
  • Likes their own post. That is beyond sad. You obviously like your own post as you posted it. Come on!
  • Retweets something you find hilarious but others might find offensive. Remember, if you retweet or repost a moron, you are a moron.



8 Things Every Parent Can do to Help with Recruiting

Follow these easy steps to make your son and/or daughter a more recruitable athlete…


  1. Do NOT overstep your bounds. If I have said it once, I have said it a hundred times….the coach will be recruiting your son and/or daughter, NOT you.
  2. Be very supportive of your son and/or daughter. I know they are going through their teenage years and this one can be tough, but remember, you were once a teenager (even if they don’t acknowledge) and times can be tough.
  3. Make sure your son and/or daughter will actually have a chance to go to college. There are tons of hoops to jump through nowadays, and you want to make sure your child has them all covered.
  4. Create a nice, clean highlight tape that is available on YouTube. Remember, you do NOT have to be an award winning director to create a great video.
  5. Review possible questions that a coach might ask your son and/or daughter. Role play if you will. Make sure your child speaks clearly, slowly and is looking you in the eyes.
  6. Do research on schools and try as hard as you can to take some trips to the schools on NON sports days. Sure, every school looks amazing on game day, but that is not reality. It will only look like that about six weekends per year. Go to the campus on a Tuesday, see what is really like. Go during different seasons so you can truthfully understand the different weather the area might have.
  7. Be sure your son is getting the right type of exposure from the right people. Just because someone tells you something, doesn’t mean it is true. Ask around, ask other parents. Do your homework.
  8. Allow your kid to be on social media, but make sure they know you are monitoring them. Nothing personal to the athletes, but they are young and they are dumb (sorry, it’s true and the reason I know it’s true is because every single adult was also, you guessed it, young AND dumb once as well) and they will make mistakes. The only difference is that when an adult used to be young and dumb, only the people that saw them do something ignorant knew about it. Now, with the onslaught of social media, the world can know about it in less than a second. Even saying that, there are so many benefits to social media for them to be off of it (one of the first questions a coach will ask me, “is the kid on Facebook? Have him friend me so I can contact him”).



Chris-Rubio-2Rubio Long Snapping is, by far, the biggest and best resource for Long Snappers in the country. Offering the best instruction and most exposure in the world. Rubio Long Snapping can help you to become the best snapper you can be!

In just 12 years, Chris Rubio, President and Owner of Rubio Long Snapping, has become the #1 Long Snapping instructor in the country and the go-to man when a college coach needs a Long Snapper. Colleges from across the country rely on “Rubio’s” word day in and day out on who the best Long Snappers are in the country. Rubio Long Snapping has assisted in over 300 Long Snappers earning FULL SCHOLARSHIPS to major colleges and universities just for Long Snapping and many into the NFL as well.



With Social Media, Just Think R – U – B – I – O

Read each thing you are going to post at least FIVE times before you post it. If, in any way you can be offending someone or something, do NOT send it out to the world.

Understand that once you press Post, Publish, Share or Tweet, your statement is live, all over the world. Even if you delete it later, someone could have saw it and screenshot it.

Be smart and use common sense. If you don’t have any common sense, find someone that does and have them review your posts before you send them out. (Pssst…even I do this)

Intelligent people tend to post intelligent things. Idiots tend to post idiotic things. Don’t be an idiot.

Only you will be responsible for what you post. Good or bad, it is all on you. Be smart.


Big Day for the Rubio Long Snapping Family

As great as all of the signings were today (sorry if I exploded your social media feeds), it was what many of you didn’t see that really filled my heart (below are just a couple).

We all know that today, signing day, is a big deal (don’t worry, if you are a senior and you didn’t sign today, there is still A LOT of time left) but we also need to remember that it takes more than just the Long Snapper or me to make it all happen. True, some have much more control and power over the situation but it is all a massive group effort with family, coaches, friends, teammates, teachers, girlfriends and restaurants all chipping in. I salute everyone involved and can’t wait for it to keep on going for this class until August.

The last two are actually from college Rubio Long Snappers that just watched what happened today and embraced. It seems as though the Rubio Long Snapping family just continues to grow and support one another. LOVE IT!

Thank you, also, to everyone that had kind words today to me and my Long Snappers. It was definitely a great day for Rubio Long Snapping!

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Underclassmen Invite Event – RECAP

Over 50 Long Snappers from around the country came out the Underclassmen Invite Event in Los Angeles, CA for the weekend of June 29-30. This camp is special, not simply for it being the top 2017, 2016 and 2015 Long Snappers in the country, but also because it completely allows the parents/guardians to become a member of it as well. Over half of the weekend is spent in the classroom learning about recruiting from a parent’s point of view, fitness/nutrition, NCSA, Herbalife and social media. To say the weekend is packed with information would be a massive understatement. Not only did these Long Snappers gain knowledge on the field and in the classroom, they also gained many lifelong friends. The camaraderie of the group was overwhelming.

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 9.43.37 AM

Terry Thompson was exceptional in guiding the parents through the recruiting process

The weekend started off with a phenomenal classroom session led by Rich Goudis and Terry Thompson advising the parents about the recruiting process through a parent’s eyes. Rich and Terry have had a kicker and Long Snapper, respectively, go through the Chris Sailer Kicking and Rubio Long Snapping process and were able to guide the parents in the process. I have heard nothing but good things about their speeches/q&a session from parents that were in the room.

All of the specialists were in a separate room with myself and Chris Sailer running over the details off the weekend and getting them ready for greatness…physically and mentally.

After the morning session, the specialists were led on the field to gain the best instruction possible in two sessions. The Long Snappers were attentive, listened well and all improved. The first day was a massive success.

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 9.37.57 AM

Terry Crosby did a great job in leading the social media seminar.

The second day started off with Chris Sailer and myself going through a year by year recruiting breakdown in high school for parents and specialists. After this, an amazing social media seminar was led by Terry Crosby who led the audience through a journey of ups and downs in social media with MANY solid examples. After this segment, there is no excuse for all parties knowing the ins and outs of social media.


Van Hook was outstanding when he spoke to the parents and Long Snappers.

Following Terry Crosby was Brian Van Hook talking to the parents and Long Snappers about lifting, nutrition and stretching. Van Hook was overflowing with information and the audience couldn’t ask questions fast enough. This entire segment, like the others, was fantastic for all involved.

The final two classroom sessions were led by Herbalife and NCSA. Two dynamic speakers were brought in and they did not disappoint.

After lunch, all Long Snappers were on the field for competition and their YouTube videos (which are already uploaded). The Long Snappers did not disappoint. The overall winner of the camp was Garrett Wilson (2015, NC). Garrett is built very long and has quick hands. Sky is the limit for him as he has a huge upside. Handles pressure well and was great all weekend.

Some other top Long Snappers were….


Mitch Hall – (2017) Long Snapper has tremendous form is growing rapidly and is showing no signs of slowing down.

John Aloma – (2016) Long Snapper left no doubt he is one of the best in the country. He has exceptional form and snaps a very quick ball for his age.

Travis Arroyo – (2016) Massive Long Snapper with great form and attitude. Keep an eye on him over the next three years…and beyond.

Josh Brady – (2016) Showed a big upside and listens well. VERY quick learner.

Damon Johnson – (2016) Improving by the second and is extremely close to having it all click. When it does, this will be bad news for other Long Snappers in his class. Consistency will be key.

Conner Kirkegaard – (2016) Great speed and power from this Long Snapper. Very close to putting it all together.

Scott Meyer – (2016) Was very impressive with his size and smoothness of his snap. Big upside.

Donald Reiter – (2016) Has a great attitude, a tight spiral and is extremely accurate. Love the direction he is headed, physically and mentally.

John Shannon – (2016) Did as expected all weekend: GREAT. Built well and is solid with his form. Some slight tweaks will make him one of the greats.


Jeremy Ashworth – Did a tremendous job all weekend. Great form and quick hands. Solid improvement.

Peter Comarato – When he is on, he is really on. Has the ability to easily snap a D1 ball at times.

Darren Diffee – Continues to impress me with his form and snapping. The more aggressive he gets, the better he will be with his snapping.

Tyler Douglas – Built like a senior and snaps like one at times. Consistency will be huge for him.

Wes Farnsworth – Long, athletic and massive upside. Watch him. Could be the dark horse of the group.

Ryan Farr – Was the best Long Snapper at the camp all weekend. Almost blasé when he snaps the ball. SKY IS THE LIMIT for Farr.

Matt Foley – Has improved a ton and is looking to make quite a name for himself.

Harrison Goebel – Massive frame, long arms, BIG upside. I really like what I see from him. Easy TOP 12 choice next year if he continues on this path.

Tyler Griffiths – Built well and snaps hard. Great direction and drive.

Ben Makowski – VERY impressed with Makowski all weekend. Works hard and smart….and it is obvious. Great Long Snapper and person.

Steven Nixon – Was snapping bullets all weekend. He just keeps getting better.

Jordan Ober – LONG athlete that will be top kid as he gets some size.

Ryan Simmons – Excellent form and attitude. Very accurate. The harder he snaps, the better he will be.

Garrett Stotts – Caught my eye all weekend with his size (thick and strong) and his snapping. Great attitude.

Austin Spence – Built very long. Massive upside.

Chase Urbach – Body is coming along nicely. Great form. The more confidence he has with his snapping, the better he will be.

Hunter Varga – Solid all weekend. He snaps hard and he is great…when he snaps hard.

Next stop for Rubio Long Snapping will be CA on July 11, LSU on July 13, NC on July 15, GA on July 17, College Camp in CA on July 19-21, MA on July 25, IL on July 27 and CA Season Prep Camp on July 29th. Be sure to follow Rubio Long Snapping on Twitter (@TheChrisRubio) and Facebook (Rubio Long Snapping) for continuous information!




Athletes at All Levels Can Get Use Out of Twitter

Here is an article that I had published in my local paper, The Lewiston Tribune, a couple week ago, that I think you will enjoy. Embrace:


Last Wednesday, the Lewiston Tribune printed an article by longtime coach Nick Menegas. The article spoke of social media, Twitter to be specific, and the negative effect it has on today’s athlete and society.

I read it and was confused. Although there are some negatives with Twitter, as there are negatives with anything, there are also tons of great aspects about it that I would like to shed some light on.

Who am I and why listen to me? I was a long snapper (the guy who snaps the ball to the kickers) at UCLA. I am now a private football coach who is based in Lewiston. I train long snappers at camps across the country.

That is merely one aspect of my job. I also rank them and help them get to colleges. Last year, I had over 75 of my long snappers go on to play college ball. I am a very avid user of social media. I encourage my athletes to appropriately use social media to stay connected and promote themselves.

Twitter (think of it as merely mass texting in which you get texts/info from those you choose to follow) is a great thing that can be a valuable asset for people and businesses. In the Lewiston sports world alone, think how much easier it would be for parents if the local high school had a Twitter account to immediately announce highlights, pictures, scores and players during the games to family members who maybe can’t be in attendance at every single event. Imagine simply looking at your computer or cellphone and getting updates about your son’s/daughter’s game since you couldn’t make it all the way up to Coeur d’Alene. Wouldn’t that be great?

Twitter can be used improperly, of course. Just like anything, put it in the wrong hands, bad things can happen. Can it hurt an athlete’s image? Absolutely. Here is the best part about Twitter: If I am a parent and I don’t like what “Joe Athlete” is saying on Twitter, I simply don’t follow them. If I don’t follow someone, I don’t know what they are saying and it doesn’t affect my children or me.

Twitter can also benefit professional athletes and their fans. Coach Menegas mentioned how all he knew about Jim Brown was what he read about him on the sports page. That is true, but why wouldn’t you want more from someone who you admired? Imagine how much more he could have benefited from Jim Brown if he was allowed a bit more into his personal life. Maybe see him as more than just a jock? Maybe showing a fun personality? Maybe hearing Jim Brown offering up advice on football or life? Maybe hearing his thoughts on a movie, a restaurant, a game, etc.? Maybe making him more accessible and therefore more human?

And, in saying that, imagine how much Jim Brown could have benefited from Twitter. More fans mean more endorsements, which, in turn, would mean more money for him and his family.

Twitter, and social media in general, should not only be utilized by professional athletes. Social media needs to be embraced whole-heartedly by the youth. It is a way for them to follow their dream school, maybe a college athlete they like, a coach they would like to contact (the NCAA has not sanctioned against this, so why not utilize it?) or even have a conversation with other fans.

The world of sports, like the rest of the world, has changed drastically since the days of just reading about your favorite athlete in the paper. Think about it. You now have several all-sports channels on TV and radio. And, with Twitter, the sports world has become even more visible and immediate. Society wants things now and Twitter allows that for the fans and the athletes.

The world is advancing, changing and getting quicker. It is not stopping and either you get on the train or be prepared to get ran over.

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”

– Benjamin Franklin


Can My Social Media Profiles Affect the Recruiting Process?

In this day and age of Social Media with almost all high school students on Facebook, Twitter, etc. college football coaches are no exception. So, what does this mean for potential recruits? It means you must always be aware of what your public facing social profiles look like. Just like in the corporate world during the hiring process, college football coaches are combing the major Social Networks to see what they can find out about a potential recruit. They are doing their due-diligence in order to make the best possible choice of student athletes for their particular University.

Social Networks in many cases are the perfect venue to showcase your talents on the field, but in some cases can be the most damaging off the field.  Players should represent themselves online as they would offline to avoid any potential issues with college coaches following them on the various Social sites.

A common place to create a problem or controversy is the way you “comment” on your peers leaving comments on your Social profiles. Always, think before you reply back to ensure you are not leaving yourself open to negative feedback,  potential controversy or negative press. Photos are no exception either. Often coaches scroll through potential recruits Photo streams to see if they can find any “red flags” during the recruiting process. Always be careful with regards to the photos you post on your Social profiles.

Bottom line is coaches are watching and players need to be conscious of this. The online term for this is Reputation Management. Make sure when you are “googled” you are represented the way you want to be!

Rubio Long Snapping


So, a College Coach Calls and Says….

Last night, a coach calls me and here is our conversation…..

RubioWhat’s up Coach ________!”

CoachRubio, what’s going on? Is this a good time?”

RubioPerfect. Let it rain. What’s up?”

CoachI am calling to do a background check on a couple of your guys. What can you tell me about the following guys’ personality and how they handle themselves socially…

The rest of the conversation is obviously private. You think coaches only care about how you behave on the field? THINK AGAIN!

Clean up your act and start with social media. Remember, if you retweet something ignorant, YOU are ignorant. If you are tagged in a photo that shows people being wrong, YOU are wrong. If you hang out with morons, YOU are a moron. Blunt, but very, very true.

Trust me, coaches will find out about all of this.

Make social media work for you and not against you

The Process of being Great


Social Media for Athletes: To Embrace or Not To Embrace

Today’s teen athletes are actually very similar to those in the past couple decades. They make good decisions and they make bad decisions. The difference is, now, those decisions are amplified a billion times and spread faster than anything the previous generations could even fathom. An athlete can make a slip up on a social media site and it can be shot around the world with a single click on a smart phone in less than a second.

So, the question arises….should an athlete be involved with social media?

My answer is….ABSOLUTELY….but they should be monitored!

There are several types of social media formats out there. However, I am going only going to discuss only the two head honchos at this point along with the goods and bads of each, for a soon-to-be college athlete.

Facebook and Twitter
– Obviously, Facebook is the big dog of the group but Twitter is gaining steam. Pretty much the entire student body of any high school and college has a Facebook account….and they should. It is a tremendous way to stay connected with one another. If you don’t have an account, I am not even going to explain it to you because you are not reading this and you are currently in a coma.

Facebook Positives
– Keeps people connected. You always get to see what people are up to regardless of geographic location. I live in Northern Idaho, but am easily connected with people in Los Angeles, Chicago, Lousiana, Georgia, Maryland…you get the point. Facebook is a tremendous way to keep up with people. I was speaking to some good friends of mine about how Facebook basically is going to wipe out the High School Reunion market. Why even go? Who doesn’t know what is happening with someone simply through their Facebook account?

Facebook Negatives – Imagine your high school hallway, add that group of really annoying girls/guys that are waaaaay too into themselves and amplify that all over the world. That is what Facebook can be. It is a drama-filled machine, if you let it be. The trick is not let yourself get involved. Don’t comment on someone’s post and you will not be involved. If you have a problem with someone, deal with them directly. Don’t just walk outside and scream it. That would be pointless….side note: that is what making a statement or subtweet (sent out to all, but directed at one) is actually doing. You are making yourself look worse than the person you are attempting to ridicule.

Twitter Positives – You can find out information INSTANTLY and you can spread information INSTANTLY. One click and it is gone, to anyone, in the world, that is following you.

Twitter Negatives – Again, y
ou can find out information INSTANTLY and you can spread information INSTANTLY. One click and it is gone, to anyone, in the world, that is following you. Therefore, you say something ignorant and press “tweet” it is out there. Even if you delete it later, someone will have it on their Twitter account.

Facebook Recruit Advantage
– Still pretty much under the radar from the NCAA so college coaches can use it to contact you without penalty. And, if they can’t, they can have assistants (people that work for the program but usually are not getting paid) contact you as somewhat of a “middle” man.

Facebook Recruit Disadvantage – You take a trip to a school or show some interest. Within a couple days, a beautiful student of that campus “friends” you on Facebook. You are amazed and almost break your keyboard clicking “accept!” Not to burst your bubble, but she doesn’t find you attractive…at all. She is on the athletic staff to “friend” you, then search through your account for any incriminating posts, messages, likes and especially photos. She will report everything you have done back to the coaches. Why don’t you take some time and go clean up your account now:)   Don’t want to or think I’m wrong? Check out this excerpt from an interview with Houston Head Coach Tony Levine (thanks M.F.)

Q: How  do coaches monitor social networks when it comes to recruiting? TL: “We monitor it for all of our recruits in more ways than one: position coaches, recruiting coaches, our recruiting coordinator, I do as well. Two things that come to mind: number one, if they’re taking other visits, it’s a great way to find out. When a kid posts a picture of himself at another school on a Saturday with a jersey on, you know he’s on a visit. The second thing is, what they’re posting. The same kid that we dropped because he took two other visits, on his Facebook page, and obviously I was friends with him — posted things nightly that we’re not looking for in our program”

Q: So a recruit can hurt himself by what he posts on his social media pages? TL: “Without question. And he did. In that respect, I think social media has changed (recruiting) for a number of reasons.”

Twitter Recruit Advantage – Still pretty much under the radar from the NCAA so college coaches can use it to contact you without penalty. And, if they can’t, they can have assistants (people that work for the program but usually are not getting paid) contact you as somewhat of a middle man. Easy way to follow your favorite coach or team and feel like you are part of them. Easy way to find other people in your situation, ie: Long Snappers.

Twitter Recruit Disadvantage Anything you say, anyone you follow and/or retweet represents you. You say something asinine, you look asinine. You follow morons, you look like a moron. You retweet something ignorant, you look ignorant. Remember, whatever you put out there, EVERYONE will see. Someone bad mouths your lady, speak to them directly. You post on Twitter and everyone sees it….NOW! You don’t look like a chivalrous man, you look like someone airing their dirty laundry and no one cares. 

Trust me, I get it, there are tons of VERY funny things out there that I would love to retweet, but I don’t…because I am using my brain. Have common sense. You may get the funny line from a movie or inside joke, but just stop and think if the older football coach might not. Even if there is the slightest possibility that something could go wrong with a message or someone could decipher it wrong, don’t do it!

Would I Let My Kid(s) Have an Account
– Yup, but as stated earlier, I would monitor it. It is the old theory of when a teen learns to drive. You are worried about how they will drive but almost more worried about the other drivers out there. Same difference here.

I would insist that I was their “friend” on Facebook or followed them on Twitter. If they put up a stink about that one because they are still at the “it isn’t cool to be friends with your parents on Facebook and/or Twitter,”  I would say “Ok. No problem. I won’t be your ‘friend’ on Facebook or follow you on Twitter, but then I have to have your accounts password to make sure everything is Ok.” If they still rage, then it is simple. They lose their computer, cell phone or any other way they can access their Facebook and/or Twitter account. You most likely bought them and/or pay their bills (yup, electricity counts) so the upper hand is yours.

Parents, I repeat, you have the upper hand AND you are just trying to help your child for the future. If they don’t get that, there isn’t much they will get.


Chris-Rubio-2Rubio Long Snapping is, by far, the biggest and best resource for Long Snappers in the country. Offering the best instruction and most exposure in the world. Rubio Long Snapping can help you to become the best snapper you can be!

In just 12 years, Chris Rubio, President and Owner of Rubio Long Snapping, has become the #1 Long Snapping instructor in the country and the go-to man when a college coach needs a Long Snapper. Colleges from across the country rely on “Rubio’s” word day in and day out on who the best Long Snappers are in the country. Rubio Long Snapping has assisted in over 300 Long Snappers earning FULL SCHOLARSHIPS to major colleges and universities just for Long Snapping and many into the NFL as well.



How Can Twitter Benefit You?

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a big advocate of Twitter. I was hesitant at first (most are since it is a relatively new concept out in the world) but I have jumped in with two feet and I am wholeheartedly behind it. I see major benefits for everyone involved and I even created a step-by-step basic instruction manual to set up your own account (come back to this later when you set yours up). The benefits are immense, but the basics you need to embrace are…..

Mass Text Messaging – That is pretty much all Twitter is….if done correctly. People are always asking me to send a certain message to their son:

  • an inspirational quote (Good morning. #QOTD! “For success, attitude is equally as important as ability”)
  • a blog
  • a picture of perfect form
  • a personal video clip of a Long Snapper
  • a funny message (You know your wife is 8 months pregnant when….she says, w/ a straight face, “yeah, I think I’m just gonna have Samoas for dinner tonight”)
  • my protest of the day (#ProtestOTD! Guy at gym w/ full on massive stereo headphones. Ease down buddy. You are going to tip over & u look like Princess Leia)

With Twitter, it is simple. You can actually set up yours and their cell phone to follow me and receive a text message when I put out a message (that link I provided about 18 lines up will show you how to do this).

Searching Topics – On the Twitter site, you can easily search any topic you want (hint, hint: Long Snapper) and find out any time someone has mentioned that particular subject. This can be huge for finding articles about topics that interest you (hint, hint: Long Snapping).
Example of my Twitter page. Notice search option on bottom right corner

Information – You can follow anyone that has a Twitter account and see the stuff they want you to see. This is a great for a Long Snapper that wants to know about a certain school, conference, coach, player. Most, if not all, of them will have a Twitter account and will post inside info about news, camps, pictures, etc.  

For instance, I follow @JeremyCrabtree (ESPN), @BrandonHuffman ( for breaking news on recruits (by breaking, I mean the instant it happens…with Twitter, if set up correctly, yet again, refer to my step-by-step sheet, you will know the second it gets posted without having to check Google).

Personalities – This is a great advantage of Twitter for me. I get to follow certain people (hint, hint: Rubio Long Snappers….there are many with an account), see what they are like in the real world and even have met some interesting cats. Coaches will want a Long Snapper that has a personality. As one D1 Coach told me, “Rubio, I’m going to have to spend a lot of time with this guy, so he better not just be a robot.”

Two people that I would reference would be The Purdue Long Snappers. @FinchMachine and @Ballinger.

Twitter Bio: I can’t dance but I can longsnap. Who am I kidding? Of course I can dance.
@Ballinger (great stache)
Twitter Bio:
just your average joe who also happens to long snap trying to make it and stuff

These are two guys that I never would have known without Twitter.  Here is how our relationship started….a Twitter fairytale if you will…..

  • They had heard of me through long time Chris Sailer Kicking student Carson Wiggs (he is Purdue’s kicker and, let’s be honest, basically only does well because his snappers are so solid and because he knows Sailer).
  • They started following me on Twitter to see what I would say next. Word is they were a tad shocked at some of my spray. Embrace.
  • Sprayed me a message or two (easily done on Twitter)
  • I checked them out on Twitter and found out they were very funny (please note: they are in college so their stuff does toe the line a bit but it shows their personality and I embrace)
  • Done

Bottom line, as a Rubio Long Snapping parent told me, everyone should have a Twitter account and follow @RubioSnapping for these reasons:

1.       Keeps me informed as a parent what is going on with all things related to long snapping…your camps, current events, recruiting, etc.
2.       Fun to track what you are doing and what is going on with my sons’ peers.
3.       Good educational information on long snapping…

Looking forward to receiving an email from Twitter letting me know you are following me:)

_________________________________________________________________Chris-Rubio-2Rubio Long Snapping is, by far, the biggest and best resource for Long Snappers in the country. Offering the best instruction and most exposure in the world. Rubio Long Snapping can help you to become the best snapper you can be!

In just 12 years, Chris Rubio, President and Owner of Rubio Long Snapping, has become the #1 Long Snapping instructor in the country and the go-to man when a college coach needs a Long Snapper. Colleges from across the country rely on “Rubio’s” word day in and day out on who the best Long Snappers are in the country. Rubio Long Snapping has assisted in over 300 Long Snappers earning FULL SCHOLARSHIPS to major colleges and universities just for Long Snapping and many into the NFL as well.