Can My Social Media Profiles Affect the Recruiting Process?

In this day and age of Social Media with almost all high school students on Facebook, Twitter, etc. college football coaches are no exception. So, what does this mean for potential recruits? It means you must always be aware of what your public facing social profiles look like. Just like in the corporate world during the hiring process, college football coaches are combing the major Social Networks to see what they can find out about a potential recruit. They are doing their due-diligence in order to make the best possible choice of student athletes for their particular University.

Social Networks in many cases are the perfect venue to showcase your talents on the field, but in some cases can be the most damaging off the field.  Players should represent themselves online as they would offline to avoid any potential issues with college coaches following them on the various Social sites.

A common place to create a problem or controversy is the way you “comment” on your peers leaving comments on your Social profiles. Always, think before you reply back to ensure you are not leaving yourself open to negative feedback,  potential controversy or negative press. Photos are no exception either. Often coaches scroll through potential recruits Photo streams to see if they can find any “red flags” during the recruiting process. Always be careful with regards to the photos you post on your Social profiles.

Bottom line is coaches are watching and players need to be conscious of this. The online term for this is Reputation Management. Make sure when you are “googled” you are represented the way you want to be!

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