How Can Twitter Benefit You?

Anyone that knows me, knows that I am a big advocate of Twitter. I was hesitant at first (most are since it is a relatively new concept out in the world) but I have jumped in with two feet and I am wholeheartedly behind it. I see major benefits for everyone involved and I even created a step-by-step basic instruction manual to set up your own account (come back to this later when you set yours up). The benefits are immense, but the basics you need to embrace are…..

Mass Text Messaging – That is pretty much all Twitter is….if done correctly. People are always asking me to send a certain message to their son:

  • an inspirational quote (Good morning. #QOTD! “For success, attitude is equally as important as ability”)
  • a blog
  • a picture of perfect form
  • a personal video clip of a Long Snapper
  • a funny message (You know your wife is 8 months pregnant when….she says, w/ a straight face, “yeah, I think I’m just gonna have Samoas for dinner tonight”)
  • my protest of the day (#ProtestOTD! Guy at gym w/ full on massive stereo headphones. Ease down buddy. You are going to tip over & u look like Princess Leia)

With Twitter, it is simple. You can actually set up yours and their cell phone to follow me and receive a text message when I put out a message (that link I provided about 18 lines up will show you how to do this).

Searching Topics – On the Twitter site, you can easily search any topic you want (hint, hint: Long Snapper) and find out any time someone has mentioned that particular subject. This can be huge for finding articles about topics that interest you (hint, hint: Long Snapping).
Example of my Twitter page. Notice search option on bottom right corner

Information – You can follow anyone that has a Twitter account and see the stuff they want you to see. This is a great for a Long Snapper that wants to know about a certain school, conference, coach, player. Most, if not all, of them will have a Twitter account and will post inside info about news, camps, pictures, etc.  

For instance, I follow @JeremyCrabtree (ESPN), @BrandonHuffman ( for breaking news on recruits (by breaking, I mean the instant it happens…with Twitter, if set up correctly, yet again, refer to my step-by-step sheet, you will know the second it gets posted without having to check Google).

Personalities – This is a great advantage of Twitter for me. I get to follow certain people (hint, hint: Rubio Long Snappers….there are many with an account), see what they are like in the real world and even have met some interesting cats. Coaches will want a Long Snapper that has a personality. As one D1 Coach told me, “Rubio, I’m going to have to spend a lot of time with this guy, so he better not just be a robot.”

Two people that I would reference would be The Purdue Long Snappers. @FinchMachine and @Ballinger.

Twitter Bio: I can’t dance but I can longsnap. Who am I kidding? Of course I can dance.
@Ballinger (great stache)
Twitter Bio:
just your average joe who also happens to long snap trying to make it and stuff

These are two guys that I never would have known without Twitter.  Here is how our relationship started….a Twitter fairytale if you will…..

  • They had heard of me through long time Chris Sailer Kicking student Carson Wiggs (he is Purdue’s kicker and, let’s be honest, basically only does well because his snappers are so solid and because he knows Sailer).
  • They started following me on Twitter to see what I would say next. Word is they were a tad shocked at some of my spray. Embrace.
  • Sprayed me a message or two (easily done on Twitter)
  • I checked them out on Twitter and found out they were very funny (please note: they are in college so their stuff does toe the line a bit but it shows their personality and I embrace)
  • Done

Bottom line, as a Rubio Long Snapping parent told me, everyone should have a Twitter account and follow @RubioSnapping for these reasons:

1.       Keeps me informed as a parent what is going on with all things related to long snapping…your camps, current events, recruiting, etc.
2.       Fun to track what you are doing and what is going on with my sons’ peers.
3.       Good educational information on long snapping…

Looking forward to receiving an email from Twitter letting me know you are following me:)

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