Where Are They Now? Rubio Long Snapper Jeff Palmer

For the next installment of “Where Are They Now?” we head to Southern California to hear from Rubio Long Snapper Jeff Palmer. Palmer played his high school football in Orange County then made his way to the Oregon Ducks where he still holds the record for most field goal snaps in a career. Oh, did I mention he is about 5’10” and 190 (dripping wet and holding barbells)

Check out what has been going on with Rubio Long Snapper Jeff Palmer…

1.  What is your current occupation?

I have been an Account Executive for MetLife for a little over two years, selling employee benefits through brokers to companies with 10 to 5,000 employees.

2. Where do you live?

I am in the process of moving from San Francisco to San Diego, currently living in Dana Point, CA.

3. Married/ Kids? Single. No kids

4. What is your fondest memory of your time playing college football? Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 4.48.33 PM

My fondest memory of my entire time at Oregon was running on the field the second the clock hit 0 at the 2012 Rose Bowl. We had lost our two previous bowl games, and the guys that were still on the team for the Rose Bowl had a huge weight lifted off of our shoulders when we won that game. It was the culmination of a pretty special season for us.

5. If you could give ONE bit of advice to the current Rubio Long Snappers, what would it be?

Obviously work hard on the football side of things, but work even harder on the academic side and get involved with any networking opportunities that your school offers you. You never know what types of opportunities may come your way after your playing career is over, and the vast majority of guys will be done playing for good when your college eligibility is up.

6. If you could give ONE bit of advice to the current Rubio Long Snapping PARENTS, what would it be? 

Always be positive. Your son is getting the opportunity to do what millions of kids only dream of doing- running on to the field on Saturdays for a college football game. You can’t take everything so seriously. I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, so just sit back and enjoy watching your son have fun and grow up.

7. When was the last time you snapped a ball and for what reason?

I snap at least one ball a day down the hallway in my apartment just so I can tell myself- “still got it.” A lot of my brokers and coworkers ask me to snap a ball to them once they find out I played football as well.

 8.   If you could go back and play football in college again, would you go to the same school or a different one? Why? 

No doubt in my mind I would go to Oregon again. Everyone hears about Nike, the uniforms, the facilities, and the flashy offense, but what a lot of people don’t know is how well the Athletic Department sets its student-athletes up for success after their time runs out. There were countless networking and mentoring events to attend during our time there, which allowed me to develop relationships with people I otherwise would have never had the chance to meet.

 9. Any regrets during college? Something you wish you had done or maybe hadn’t?

I actually wish I did not try to graduate as quickly as I did. I should have stayed in Eugene as long as possible because yes, being out in the real world is fun, but it comes with a lot more responsibility than you realize when you are still in school. 

I wish I didn’t have a girlfriend my senior year…what an idiot.

10.   What tremendous thing have you been a part of or experienced since you graduated? 3a549d2

I got to spend some time in Colorado working for Wounded Warriors right after I graduated. We spent time at Air Force Academy as well as the Olympic Training Facilities, but it was so rewarding helping the veterans and hearing their stories and about the daily struggles since returning home. It really put things into perspective for me.


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