Screen Shot 2015-08-31 at 11.27.39 AMEvery single year, Rubio Long Snapping offers up a FREE Vegas admission through some sort of contest. This year is no different.

Rubio Long Snappers Nolan and Jordan Frese recently had their grandfather, Hank, pass away. Hank was a former Marine and always present at Rubio Long Snapping Vegas Camps. He was an absolute stud and there are some great stories of him at the camps.

Here is a little about Hank….

Hank was a former Marine and high school football coach. He played football for the Minnesota Golden Gophers, as a halfback, on full scholarship. He had two grandsons play Texas HS football and go on to long snap at the next level (there’s an 8 yr old grandson we’re working on). He also has two granddaughters – Mikayla (21) & Marlena (18) – who are very gifted musically and have their own band – The Nesting Dolls. .  “Papa Hank”  attended every snapping camp and concert he could possibly make.

vkzoqtcQUuPEWhog9vrQ_urkelSo, the Frese family would like to honor Hank by creating a snapping scholarship to VEGAS. A Long Snapper, 7th grade to JC, will have to create a video (no longer than one minute in length) that incorporates snapping, their grandparent (if you don’t have one, find one) and the song HERE. Now, once you hear the song “Papa With His Pants on High“, you will understand that either the Long Snapper or the grandparent MUST be in high pants. Also, the song must be heard while the film is going. The funner it is, the better it is.

The Frese family will do all of the judging. All entries must be in by October 10th and must be emailed to The footage must be presented on YouTube with the title: Rubio Long Snapping Vegas Contest for Hank!

The winner will be announced on Thursday, October 15th!

Enjoy and I can’t wait to see these videos! Best of luck to all the Long Snappers!

If you are reading this on your laptop, you can listen to the podcast below.


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