Long Snappers are obviously incredible athletes built with dashing good looks, but are they also creative and intelligent?Obvious answer is YES, but let’s see what we are dealing with throughout the world.

Every Vegas, I try to have a contest to give away a FREE admission to my Vegas Event. This year will be no different.

And, since I know my Long Snappers can tend to be a bit apprehensive about doing any extra work, I have created a contest with the least amount of work in the history of Rubio Long Snapping.


WHO: Any Long Snapper ranging from 8th grade to second year of JC that would like a chance to earn a FREE admission to VEGAS XXVIII!

WHAT: You must create an original Haiku (s) that pertains to Long Snapping AND Vegas. For those of that don’t know, a Haiku is simply a Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five. If you don’t know what a poem or a syllable is, bless your heart and start focusing more in school for the love of all that is holy.

Two examples of haikus would be…

Can make the impossible
Possible for all

A full day of fun
Lots of eating and resting
Football on the tube


  • Be funny, be creative, don’t be bland. Stand out. Have fun with this “assignment”
  • You can enter ONLY one time, but can have a total of three haikus
  • Each haiku must be on the same page and must be hand-printed by the Long Snapper (if I can’t read it, it won’t get read). If you have one haiku, you will have just one page for me. If you have two haikus, you will have only one page for me. If you have three haikus, you will have only one page for me.
  • I will not accept faxed, emailed, scanned, texted or typed haikus
  • You must have them mailed to me (yes, in an envelope with a stamp on it) to…
    1104 Richardson Ave.
    Lewiston, ID. 83501

WHEN: The entries must be in my mailbox by no later than March 16th, 2016. FYI: I do NOT live in a big city. Mail can take a looooong time to get to me. Plan ahead as I will NOT take any late entries.

WHERE: You must have them mailed to me (yes, in an envelope with a stamp on it) to…

1104 Richardson Ave.
Lewiston, ID. 83501

WHY: To earn a free admission to VEGAS XXVIII! The winner will be announced on March 21st, 2016 (early registration deadline). The winner will get their admission covered by me. The winner will still be responsible for travel and accommodations.


Landon Sleeper

Landon Sleeper

UPDATE: The winner of the Rubio Long Snapping Haiku Contest for a FREE admission to VEGAS XXVIII in May is Landon Sleeper (TX, ’19)! Congratulations to him and his family! Here is his entry…

Glistening baldness
Telling me to poop on wrists
Snapping on the strip




  1. Steve Christian says:

    My Haiku – Just for fun… (I’m a dad)

    Upside down again,
    Arms straight thumbs out wrist smack ouch,
    Right Hip High Kick Rah!

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