RSI Scores from the NC Spring Camp (3/12)

Albright, Will 3.26086956521739
Allen, Nathan 0
Aloni, Matthew 14.8148148148148
Assel, Brock 37.5
Barton, Will 13.7931034482759
Becker, Hunter 37.0786516853933
Bradshaw, Andrew 6.12244897959184
Brannock, Aaron 12.2448979591837
Butler, Benjamin 0
Cesta, Domenic 12.9032258064516
Cesta, Mark 0
Chamblee. Zach 0
Cobb, William 3.125
Corley, Trey 0
Crowley, Liam 0
Culbertson, Ryan 29.2682926829268
Davis, Colby 0
DeLuke, Sam 20.6896551724138
Duffey, Brett 15.625
Durschlag, Max 27.6315789473684
Eimer, Bryce 12.5
Eury, Marshall 28
Finklea, Graham 9.375
Floyd, Byron 9.09090909090909
Gable, Trey 30.7692307692308
Gannon, Matthew 3.44827586206897
Gilbert, Zane 6.06060606060606
Golden, Maddie 49.3150684931507
Griffith, Peter 16.1290322580645
Hadley, Jack 59.1549295774648
Hall, Mitch 45.5696202531646

Harper, Alex 13.6363636363636
Harper, Reed 15
Hawkins, Gentry 0
Heath, Tripp 3.57142857142857
Hosford, Luke 6.52173913043478
Howard, Bennett 3.2258064516129
Jenkins, Parker 13.1868131868132
Johnstone, Christian 6.89655172413793
Jones. Stewart 3.15789473684211
Karres, Garrett 6.38297872340426
Keaton, Carson 3
King, Kenneth 0
Kinlaw, Connor 3
Kinsley, Zachary 0
Kochov, Shai 0
Lancaster, Logan 0
Lawson, Erik 10.8433734939759
Little, Drew 52.7027027027027
McCoy, Will 12.3711340206186
McKinney, Levi 14.1176470588235
McManus, Eric 0
McPherson, Charles 14.4578313253012
Mitchell, Will 15
Moore, McRae 9.09090909090909
Morh, Jack 0
Morton, John 9.67741935483871
Mosier, Austin 0
Neville, Trent 6.31578947368421
Nicholas, Ty 3
O’Keefe, Thomas 0
Ortiz, Antonio 46.7532467532468
Ortiz, Marco 25
Owens, Grayson 0
Patterson, CJ 0
Payne, Luke 9.67741935483871
Purcell, Ryan 10.1123595505618
Rauton, Jack 6.38297872340426
Reeves, Austin 42.8571428571429
Roberts, Ethan 9.27835051546392
Robertson, Corbin 18.0722891566265
Scott, Ethan 3
Seets, Colin 0
Setliff, Cole 0
Shadley, Oscar 25.9259259259259
Sharpe, Weston 3
Shirley, Ben 15.3846153846154
Short, Cooper 33.3333333333333
Simmons, Gabe 13.4831460674157
Simmons, Hunter 3.52941176470588
Sivore, Tim 0
Springer, Collin 18.0722891566265
Todd, Carson 0
Turner, Austin 9.375
Turner, Noah 22.7848101265823
Vines, Kent 11.5384615384615
Vojvodich, Michael 13.953488372093
Williams, Bailey 3.40909090909091
Williams, Mason 0
Wilson, Shane 6.66666666666667

Starting this spring, all Rubio Long Snapping camps will feature a shortened version of the VEGAS testing format. Once the Long Snapper has completed the test, they earn an RSI which is the fairest and most accurate way to judge a Long Snapper by numbers. Once you register, for a Rubio Long Snapping camp, a full, detailed explanation will be in your confirmation email.
Each Long Snapper will now be tested on The Rubio Long Snapping Target with one snap per section instead of three. Meaning, you get one regular snap, one block left, one block right, and one speed for both punt snaps and short snaps to total eight snaps. Therefore, at the end of testing, the RSI will be tripled to reveal the participants’ RSI for that particular camp. Trust me, I do get that a Regional Camp RSI will not be the exact same as a VEGAS Event RSI for several reasons (length of test, pressure of Vegas, etc.) but it will pretty darn close and definitely fair.
The RSI is an excellent way for a participant to truly show how good of a Long Snapper they are as it balances the accuracy along with the speed of the ball, plus it will show how well the Long Snapper grows through each and every Rubio Long Snapping camp. Also, the RSI‘s will be posted on each Long Snappers profile after every camp they attend. Please note: the RSI does not account for athleticism, spiral or mentality.
RSI‘s can range from zero to basically 80 (if a Long Snapper was to get a score 48 points and averaged .65 on their punt snaps). I believe the highest I have ever encountered a 60.61 by Kasey Kelleher at VEGAS XXIX. The 12 finalists at VEGAS XXIX all had above 50’s on their RSI and that was a record. A 30 is usually pretty darn solid.
Please Note: The RSI is not completely how your Rubio Long Snapping ranking will be calculated as there are many factors to being a great Long Snapper. The main things that each Long Snapper will be ranked on are the following:
-Speed (should be less than .75 for a 15 yard punt snap)
-Accuracy (all snaps should be in The Rubio Zone)
-Consistency (a college coach is going to want to see how consistent you are with your speed…if you can snap a .75, your snaps should be right around there, well, consistently)
-Mentality (how well do you handle pressure)
-Athleticism (do you move well or does it look like you are in pain when moving)
-Size (an ideal Long Snapper would be about 6’3″ and 235)
-Spiral (does the ball look pretty, slice through the wind and easy to catch)
-Blocking (will you be able to withstand a major college rush) If you have ever been to a Rubio Long Snapping Vegas Event, you know that one of the main parts of competition day is when each Long Snapper gets tested on The Rubio Long Snapping Target.

Rubio Long Snapping is, by far, the biggest and best resource for Long Snappers in the country. Rubio has been featured in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the USA Today, Deadspin and countless other publications.
In just 12 years, Chris Rubio, President and Owner of Rubio Long Snapping, has become the #1 Long Snapping instructor in the country and the go-to man when a college coach needs a Long Snapper. Colleges from across the country rely on “Rubio’s” word day in and day out on who the best Long Snappers are in the country. Rubio Long Snapping has assisted in over 300 Long Snappers earning FULL SCHOLARSHIPS to major colleges and universities just for Long Snapping and many into the NFL as well.


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