Free Fall Camp Contest!

As always, Rubio Long Snapping is offering up a way to attend a Rubio Long Snapping camp in the fall for free! I usually end up having one winner but this time I am going to do something different….I am going to have one possible winner from each location Rubio Long Snapping is running a camp. Therefore, there could be possibly EIGHT winners announced when the contest is over!!! So, if you say live in Idaho and win, you will earn a free admission to the WA camp on October 22nd. If you live in Florida and win, you will earn a free admission to the GA camp on December 3rd.

If you have been on the line at all lately, you have seen the Drive By Dunk Challenge. Some are incredible and some don’t end up so well….

Bottom line, here is the contest…

WHO: Any Long Snapper from 6th grade to 2nd year of JC that wants to earn a free admission to a Rubio Long Snapping Fall Camp!

WHAT: The Long Snapper must film themselves doing FIVE random snaps in random locations with a lot of pressure on themselves. The better the snap with the more hoopla around it (think massive crowd), the more chance you have of winning. The Long Snapper can’t break any laws while doing this and safety must be the priority. I am thinking more like snapping at a food court in a mall and not on top of a moving car. I will take less than five entries but I will not take more than five. You can only enter one total video to me, so make sure all snaps are on that video. Any entries that break any laws or are deemed unsafe by the Rubio Long Snapping staff, will not be accepted.

WHEN: The Long Snapper must have the five videos submitted on YouTube with the title, Rubio Long Snapping 2017 #DriveBySnapping Contest. That video must be sent to my email,, by no later than August 26th at noon pst. Any entries after that, will be not be accepted.

WHERE: Where you have the courage to snap a ball in public for great footage….as long as it is safe and you are not breaking the law

WHY: To earn a free admission to a Rubio Long Snapping Fall Camp!


UPDATE: Here are the winners. Many entries were disqualified for not following the directions…


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