Recap of the GA Spring Camp (4/22/18)

JC Vega, Rubio and Jackson Worthen

Rubio Long Snapping traveled to GA on April 22nd, 2018 for their fall camp. Rubio Long Snapping will be traveling around the country this spring with stops in CA, NC, WA, NJ, AZ, IL, GA and TX with all camps leading right into VEGAS XXXII on May 12-13, 2018!

Long Snappers from 15 states all traveled to this camp to get the best instruction and exposure in the world of Long Snapping. The camp was a great time had by all with an excellent group of Long Snappers and parents.

The overall champions of the camp were JC Vega (speed) and Jackson Worthen (overall)! This is JC’s second speed championship. Jackson is a 2020 Long Snapper from Kentucky that proved he was one of the best in attendance and was simply on fire all day long in GA. Ball is very smooth, was easily under .79 all day long and he handles pressure extremely well for his age. Kid was very impressive from start to finish.

You can see the full finals video with Drew Little, Doug McLaughlin, John Morton, Jackson Worthen, Brennen Milliron and Mason Napper below…


Brennen Milliron

Brennen Milliron left no doubt he is ready for Troy with strong and consistent snaps all day long! Great attitude, form and power. 

Niko Johnson has good power and a terrific work ethic.

Graham Finklea is smooth, accurate and always has a good attitude.

Drew Little

Drew Little nabbed the highest RSI, again, at a Rubio Long Snapping spring camp. Already held the spring record with a 61.00 and he almost topped that with a 55 in GA. Kid is a machine and just keeps improving.

Christian Johnstone seems to get bigger by the second and is really starting to snap with some great power. The ceiling for Johnstone is beyond high and he is really starting to believe he can be one of the bests in his class.

JC Vega was the speed champ, again, and left no doubt he has the whole package to snap at the next level. Kid is built like a clydesdale.

Griffin Kaye came up from Florida and was ripping the ball back to the punter. Very excited to see this kid perform in Vegas.

Frank Melgarejo was smooth and very accurate all day long. Moved well on his feet.

Luke Payne is like a pitching machine. Every snap is the exact same.

Cade DeGraw can get very hot and throw an absolute fantastic ball back to the punter.

Doug McLaughlin continues to impress me with his accuracy and consistency. He missed his final snap by no more than an inch.

Carson Knight can get hot and dominate.

Codey Bennett is always improving and has great upside.

Hudson Brown is growing by the hour and looked very impressive.

Ford Hayes is absolutely dripping with potential.

Zach Lassiter will dominate once his spiral is locked down.

Edward Lovett had tremendous follow through and has massive upside.

John Morton is thick, strong and improving.

CJ Otwell has a very explosive snapping motion and I love it.

Notables: Craig Scott, Mark Fuchs, Hunter Williamson

Jacob Zuhr

Jacob Zuhr was insanely good all day in GA. He can snap a college level ball right now and he is only a sophomore. He handles pressure as well anyone I have had and there is no doubt he can snap at the next level. Ball rips back to the punter and his body is really tightening up. Looks great.

Zane McCracken is coming back to dominance and snapping with great confidence. Very impressive performance all day from Zane.

Grant Reid has good size and can rip it back to the punter when he trusts his form.

Will Albright is absolutely tremendous when he reaches the ball out in front of him more than he normally does.

Will Barton was strong and powerful with great snaps.

Will Benton looked great with snaps that never went above .80 all day long!

Will Cobb was throwing some severe heat and left no doubt he can dominate at VEGAS XXXII in May.

Jake Foggia is smooth and extremely consistent.

Xander Echols has great form and an outstanding attitude. The longer he gets, the better he does.

Jake Gragg shows waves of brilliance.

Ethan Lane can dominate when he snaps as hard as he can.


Jonathan Washburn

Jonathan Washburn looked tremendous in GA. Long frame, good speeds and always improving. Sky is the limit for Washburn. Keep a very close eye on him at VEGAS XXXII in May.

Aidan Benjamin was able to snap the ball sub .80 and many occasions. Strong and athletic Long Snapper.

Holden Caspersen was smooth and consistent. Great form.

Mack Gresham is an athletic Long Snapper with very quick hands and a good attitude.

Rocco Underwood was extremely impressive and might have the most potential of any Long Snapper in his class. Watch this kid at VEGAS XXXII in May.

Notables: Shai Kochov, Carson Garrison, Guthrie, Jake Putnam

Here are the RSI Scores from the IL camp and how they compared to AZ, CA & NC….


Albright, Will 20            17.95 2020
Applefield, Alex 20            27.59 2020
Arnall, Wright 19                      – 2019
Barton, Will 20            15.96 2020
Benjamin, Aidan 21            26.03 2021
Bennett, Codey 19               3.75 2019
Benton, Will 20               3.95 2020
Bowles, Michael 20                      – 2020
Brown, Hudson 19            14.12 2019
Brown, Wesley 20                      – 2020
Cade Roberts 22            15.00 2022 – 2025
Caspersen, Holden 21            18.67 2021
Cobb, Will 20            38.36 2020
Cornett, James 21            12.77 2021
Cousins, Anton 19            38.67 2019
Cowan, Zachary 20            10.47 2020
Cox, Colby 20            18.42 2020
Degraw, Cade 19            18.29 2019
Doughty, Sam 20               6.98 2020
Dubois, Beau 21                      – 2021
Finklea, Graham 18            10.84 2018 – JC
Foggia, Jake 20            30.00 2020
Garrison, Carson 21            15.00 2021
Gragg, Jake 20            13.92 2020
Gresham, Mack 21                      – 2021
Guthrie, Anne 21               3.23 2021
Hayes, Ford 19            30.26 2019
Haynes, Peter 20               6.82 2020
Hendrix, Ben 19            15.79 2019
Hernandez, Tomas 23                      – 2022 – 2025
Johnstone, Christian 19            26.39 2019
Jones, Stewart 21            16.85 2021
Kaye, Griffin 19            41.03 2019
Knight, Carson 19            13.70 2019
Kochav, Shai 21               3.13 2021
Lane, Ethan 20                      – 2020
Lassiter, Zach 19            30.67 2019
Ledford, Ryan 21               3.23 2021
Leslie, Graham 19               3.41 2019
Lindsey, Sam 23               6.67 2022 – 2025
Little, Drew 19            55.00 2019
Long, Will 20            21.92 2020
Lovett, Edward 19            10.47 2019
Mahaffey, Andrew 22            26.47 2022 – 2025
Mark Fuchs 19            14.46 2019
McCracken, Zane 20            41.89 2020
McLaughlin, Doug 19            54.05 2019
Melgarejo, Frank 19            35.71 2019
Miller, Joe 22            15.00 2022 – 2025
Milliron, Brennen 18            47.22 2018 – JC
Milliron, Carter 22            29.73 2022 – 2025
Morton, John 19            53.95 2019
Mutchler, Jakob 20                      – 2020
Napper, Mason 19            43.55 2019
Niko johnson 17               6.82 2018 – JC
Otwell, CJ 19               7.23 2019
Payne, Luke 19            30.26 2019
Pellegrino, Ethan 22                      – 2022 – 2025
Perry, Hayden 22                      – 2022 – 2025
Prieto, Drew 23            30.54 2022 – 2025
Putnam, Jake 21               3.45 2021
Pyrz, Eli 20               0.13 2020
Reid, Grant 20               7.79 2020
Rocco, John 21            10.84 2021
Roman, Nicholas 23            29.73 2022 – 2025
Sanders, Bailey 23                      – 2022 – 2025
Sayer, Jake 20            30.00 2020
Scott, Craig 19            10.84 2019
Shottenkirk, Kaleb 20                      – 2020
Temple, Garren 21            13.04 2021
Thomas, Ronnie 22            10.59 2022 – 2025
Tomberlin, Bridger 21                      – 2021
Vega, JC 19            34.25 2019
Washburn, Jonathan 21            25.64 2021
Westfelt, Collin 20            27.59 2020
Whatley, Sims 21            10.00 2021
Williams, Brandon 21                      – 2021
Williamson, Hunter 19            26.67 2019
Wilson, Garret 21            13.95 2021
Worthen, Jackson 20            48.10 2020
Wright, Michael 20            21.43 2020
Xander, Echols 21            29.11 2021
Young, Ryan 20            21.69 2020
Zuhr, Jacob 20            30.43 2020

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