10 Tips for College Camps

Headed to a college camp this summer? Here’s ten great tips to help you out…..

1. Dress accordingly, roll up with a Rubio Long Snapping shirt on so they know what you are all about and that you have a great background in Long Snapping. Earned a TOP 12 shirt, even better.

2. Be prepared to answer basic questions regarding your name, height, weight, school, GPA, test scores, where you live, etc. Speak clearly and slow down. Remember, everyone might now have your same accent 

3. Look each coach directly in their eyes and shake their hands firmly. Nervous about speaking to someone, look at their forehead or right above their eyes and it will be close enough. Breathe

4. Drink a ton of water and make sure you are continuously stretching. You don’t want to cramp up and you don’t know when they might pull you to the side to do something different.

5. Do NOT over-snap. If you get thrown to another field to “just go and snap” be sure to take long pauses. You bodies are not meant to snap hundreds of balls in one day. Once your form is gone, your snaps will be negatively impacted.

6. Be friendly to everyone (should be a no-brainer) while on campus. You never know who is talking to you or who is watching you. CAMERAS ARE EVERYWHERE

7. Never, and I mean NEVER, lose your composure over a bad snap. Your recruiting will not end over one bad snap but it might over one bad reaction.

8. SNAP WITH CONFIDENCE and believe in yourself. You’ve snapped a thousand balls in your life, these will be no different. You are still just an upside quarterback going the wrong way Snapping some leather backwards. It’s not rocket science.

9. Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT do too many camps in June. NEVER go back to back days and try to limit yourself to no more than FOUR camps in the month. Your body won’t be able to handle it and your performances will be impacted. One bad camp can spread quickly amongst coaches

10. Thank your parents/guardians for spending the money to take you to these camps. Big hugs to them (after you shower). Be nice and, of course, never be the first to let go from the hug #RubioFamily#TheFactory #TeamRubio

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  1. Shawn Carter says

    My son is a long snapper but only uses one hand instead of the traditional 2 hand technique, doesn’t seem to bother holder or kicker. This will be his 3rd season snapping. Do you have any other LS that snap like this as well. Is this something that needs to be fixed

    • I actually started off a one-handed Long Snapper but had to adjust when I got to college. It would be acceptable at the high school level but I have personally not seen a college Long Snapper snapping the ball one-handed. The reason is that two handed Long Snappers have an increased level of accuracy. Hope that helps and I look forward to seeing you guys at a Rubio Long Snapping camp this fall. All information is on RubioLongSnapping.com.

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