Recap of the CA Summer Camp (6/28/18)

Samarzich, Rubio and Hawkins

Rubio Long Snapping traveled to CA on June 28th, 2018 for their summer camp. Rubio Long Snapping will be traveling around the country this spring with stops in CA, NC, GA, IL, SC (Top Gun Camp), CA (College, TOP 12, Underclassmen Invitational) and TX!

Long Snappers from three states all traveled to this camp to get the best instruction and exposure in the world of Long Snapping. The camp was a great time had by all with an excellent group of Long Snappers and parents.

The champions of the camp were Kameron Hawkins (speed) and Simon Samarzich (overall)! Samarzich has recently committed to Washington State on full scholarship and he proved in CA that the Cougs got a great one. He is one of the most consistent Long Snappers ever to go through Rubio Long Snapping. Ball hovers in the low .7s at all times, he can move well on his feet and he has, easily, one of the greatest attitudes of all Rubio Long Snappers in the country. Samarzich is the real deal and just never stops improving.

The finals round matchups were Simon Samarzich (57.14), Cruz Rubio (41.56), Bryce Felt (41.03), Andrew Gonneville (38.82), Jack Landherr (34.21) and Aaron Estrada (33.33). You can see the full finals video below….


Simon Samarzich

Simon Samarzich was a machine all day in CA. The WSU Cougars got a great one on and off the field. This kid has the ability to be successful in whatever he chooses to do in life.

Peter Bowden was on fire all day and has already been moved to a 5 Star Rubio Long Snapper. Kid is a flat out stud and can snap at the next level right now.

Jack Landherr throws severe heat and simply never misses when he gets his eyes all the way through to the punter. Tremendous talent and upside.

JJ Lindsay is a very smooth lefty that is always improving. Massive potential and I love his work ethic.

Andrew Gonneville has massive upside, snaps a powerful ball and has a great frame.

Anthony Rosenstrauch might have the most upside of anyone in his class. Reaches back like a champ and snaps with amazing power. Raw.

Danny Dixon has one of the best attitudes in his class and has solid power.

Nathan Hedberg is strong and a tremendous athlete.

Nathan Newkirk is a massive human being with tons of power. Ironing out his form is going to make this kid unstoppable.

NOTABLES: Aidan Rosette and Steven Scheite


Kameron Hawkins

Kameron Hawkins continues his dominance and was the fastest overall Long Snapper with times that reached into the high .6s. Form is exceptional and the ball can crush a punter. Hard worker that never stops improving.

Cruz Rubio was absolutely on fire all day. Strong Long Snapper with very good feet. Snaps the ball with good speed and even earned a WILD CARD spot to The TOP 12 Camp!

Bryce Felt has been only snapping for 11 months and he is already a seasoned vet. Rips the ball back consistently under .80 and doesn’t show signs of slowing down.

Aaron Estrada had a great camp with consistent and accurate snaps that got better as the day continued.

Davis Salom is a massive and powerful human being that can absolutely rip the ball to the punter. Excellent speed and almost won the competition.

Michael Munoz has all the tools to be one of the greats in his class and beyond.

Cody White was snapping massive heat all day and was gaining confidence every hour. He looked great in CA.

Tony Villarreal is big, strong and snaps with excellent power. Right on the cusp of greatness.

Michael Tokos has very quick hands and is improving by the second.

AJ Laux was very solid and extremely large. When his spiral is on, he is tremendous.

Troy Sicaeros is smooth and accurate with a great attitude.

NOTABLES: Nathan Hall, Mitch Carmer, Mason Hutton


JT Greep

JT Greep was a machine in CA. Ball is extremely accurate, consistent and has excellent power on his ball. Snaps well beyond his years and just keeps getting better. Really impressed with Greep on Thursday in CA.

Chris Kent is a very smooth Long Snapper with some of the best form in his class!

NOTABLES: Trent Dyer

Konner Hawkins is a 2026 Long Snapper that has form well beyond his years and can already snap a tremendous spiral.


Here are the RSI Scores from the CA camp

Bowden, Peter 25.93 2019
Carmer, Mitch 10.84 2020
Casasante, Nicholas 3 2020
Dixon, Danny 3.41 2019
Dyer, Trent 0 2021
Estrada, Aaron 33.33 2020
Felt, Bryce 41.03 2020
Gonneville, Andrew 38.82 2019
Greep, JT 25.32 2021
Hall, Nathan 13.19 2020
Hawkins, Kameron 22.54 2020
Hawkins, Konnor 22.22 2022 – 2025
Hedberg, Nathan 23.6 2019
Hutton, Mason 3.19 2021
Kent, Chris 29.35 2021
Landherr, Jack 34.21 2019
Laux, AJ 28.92 2020
Lindsay, JJ 17.24 2019
Manly, John 0 2018 – JC
Mora, John 3.19 2021
Munoz, Michael 10.23 2020
Newkirk, Nathan 21.43 2019
Rosenstrauch, Anthony 9.89 2019
Rosette, Aidan 10.34 2019
Rubio, Cruz 41.56 2020
Salom, Davis 33.33 2020
Samarzich, Simon 57.14 2019
Santoro, Anthony 9.38 2022 – 2025
Scheidt, Steven 8.22 2019
Schrier, Jacob 6.59 2021
Shimek, Cole 4.11 2019
Sicaeros, Troy 10.47 2020
Smith, Brenden 12.5 2022 – 2025
Tokos, Michael 21.62 2020
Vehslage, Mark 0 2019
Villarreal, Tony 22.54 2020
White, Cody 8 2020


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