Rubio Long Snapper Earns Freshman All-American Honors!

IMG_0055Rubio Long Snapper Bobby Joe Nielsen has been named a Freshman All-American at Midwestern State for USA College Football Division II!

Nielsen has been with Rubio Long Snapping since 2012 and is one of those Long Snappers that never stopped improving. He has excellent form and an even better attitude.

He as also chosen as an All-Conference Long Snapper as well. All of this, while having a torn MCL. WOW!

Congratulations to Bobby Joe and his family!


Recap Article & Video of the Rubio Long Snapping Spring Camp in TX

Long Snappers came out on April 27 to attend the Rubio Long Snapping Camp in TX from TX, CA, OK, NJ, MN, IL, LA, FL, AR, KS, GA and SC to get the best  Long Snapping instruction and exposure in the country for Long Snappers. Long Snappers, and their parents/guardians, were instructed on the field, had a film and classroom session, a recruiting seminar and ended the day with a competition with Rubio present and running the camp. Each Long Snapper was filmed and will have a player profile provided for them on

Eatherly, GeronThe overall winner of the camp was Geron Eatherly (TX, ’16). Geron (pronounced with a hard G) had a good day throughout the whole camp and came on very strong in the finals. He can snap a D1 ball right now and he is only a sophomore. The more consistent he gets, the better he will be. Look for him to do some big things in Vegas! Great attitude and always improving.


  • JC Everett (AR) was simply fantastic all day long in TX. He has completely transformed his body by losing twenty lbs of excess weight and adding some great muscle. He looks wonderful and is snapping the same way. He is very ready for the Air Force Academy!
  • Bronson Bruneau (MN) looked excellent all day in TX and definitely ready to earn the starting spot next year at Duke. He is a massive man with a ton of upside. His snapping and his frame looked great.
  • Jordan Frese (TX) is headed to Texas A&M in the fall and is right on path to do great things. Body is getting bigger and his form is coming along very nicely. Great personality and attitude.
  • Bobby Joe Nielsen (TX) is absolutely ripping the ball back to the punter. He uses every ounce of his body and I love it. Form is very good and he is accurate. Midwestern State got a good one in Bobby Joe!
  • Clayton Jackson (KS) looked very smooth and confident all day long in TX. The more he knows he can do it, the better he will. Incredible person on all levels.


  • Michael Poujol (TX) passes the eyeball test very quickly and is becoming one of the most dominant Long Snappers in his class. Poujol left no doubt he was there to set himself apart from the others and that is exactly what he did with great snaps all day. He is ready for college now.
  • George Madden (OK) is built extremely well and has great form. This all equals to excellent snaps every single time. He was on fire all weekend and seems ready to dominate Vegas. Keep a very close eye on him. He is ready for college now.
  • Ryan Farr (NV) came all the way from Las Vegas but showed no jet-lag whatsoever. He is easily one of the smoothest Long Snappers in the country and is always snapping with great accuracy.
  • Sam Walkingstick (OK) could give Farr a run for the smoothest and most accurate Long Snapper in the country. Kid simply doesn’t miss!
  • Garrett Wilson  (NC) has put on about 2o lbs of muscle and it has definitely paid off with his snapping. He is built very well and snapping hard.
  • Grant Merka (TX) is snapping with a ton of confidence and snapping, easily, at the D1 level right now. The bigger he gets, the higher up the rankings he goes.
  • Matt Oliveira (NJ) has excellent size and is snapping a great ball right now. He is beginning to really believe in himself and that is a wonderful thing to see.
  • Garrett Stotts (TX) is a thick Long Snapper that snaps with good power and force. He is coming into his own and looking to make a big name for himself in the next couple months and I could easily see it happening.

Other notable 2015 Long Snappers: Peter Comaroto, Chris Clark, Tipa Galeai and Wyatt Leath


  • Conner Kirkegaard (CA) was great all day. I actually picked him as my horse to win the whole competition! He came up a bit short but was phenomenal all day long with fast, crisp snaps. Kid is on fire and ready to dominate Vegas.
  • Travis Arroyo (TX) is a massive Long Snapper with excellent form. His balance is good and he is intense when he is snapping.  Tons of upside on Arroyo. Great attitude.

Other notable 2016 Long Snappers: Dylan Alexander 

Rubio Long Snapping will next travel to Los Angeles, CA (May 4).  The Spring Camp Tour will conclude with the 12th Annual National Snapping Spring Event in Las Vegas May 10-11, 2014!

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Now feel free to watch the full video recap below…