3 Things That Will Upset a Coach

Starting a text with “I have a question

  • JUST ASK! Now, you have wasted the coach’s time and have put him in a bad mood right off the bat. Just come out with your question right off the bat. All he is going to say is “Ok” and then you are going to ask the question. He will be busy enough, so he doesn’t need to double up questions.

Starting a text or email with “I know you are really busy but….

  • If you know the person is busy, why are you bothering them? You will just end up upsetting them. You don’t want to be known as that kid.

Bragging to them about meaningless things

  • There is no need to tell them you are the top Long Snapper at your high school. We should hope so for the love of all that is holy. Definitely no need to brag about being the top Long Snapper at a camp that had ten kids at it. That would be like Sailer bragging he has more hair than me…not really saying much:)




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Working Hard is Stupid….

…if you aren’t working smart as well.

You will never get better if you simply are trying to outwork your opponent with your body. You need to outwork them with your body, as well as your brains.

If you are doing the wrong thing over and over while busting your butt, you will NEVER get better.

You will get worse. Considerably worse.

You will get frustrated because you aren’t improving and then there is often no recovery. No fix. You will spiral out of control. You try to work harder and harder but just end up getting worse and worse.

Sadly, I have seen it countless times with athletes. (Just one more snap turns into fifty more bad snaps and you just made your form go to the dumps)

More often than not, I have to fix an athlete that has been overworked. They had a “coach” who thought they knew what they were doing and just ended up hurting the athletes body, mind, chances & future. (Doing anything over and over and over shows no thought process and will not benefit you….cough, cough: just snapping non-stop at a camp)

The athlete should have been working smarter. Not counting the reps but making the reps count.

If you are going to just work hard, I feel sorry for you because you are going to have a very, very long road ahead of you in life.