10 Most Common Questions About VEGAS XXVII


1. How do I get invited to VEGAS XXVII? You don’t! It is OPEN TO ALL LONG SNAPPERS. It is not an invite only camp. It is a first come, first served Event. You register and you are in. 

2. How old do you have to be to attend VEGAS XXVII? 8th grader through second year of Junior College. I will allow younger if it is pre-approved through me. 

3. Is VEGAS XXVII only for advanced Long Snappers? NO, it is open to all levels of Long Snappers. The early you go, the better you will be in the long run. Trust me, I have seen it countless times. Don’t be the guy who waits and then blows it because they were too nervous. Go early and get your butterflies knocked out sooner than later. 

4. Will there be small group session this JanuaryYes! There will be a 4-5 pm session. It is a one hour blocks meant to knock off the rust, get some last minute fine-tuning in and get used to the fields, brand new football and myself. 

5. Is there a hotel you recommend for the Long Snappers and their parents? Yes, we have a group rate with the JW Marriott. It is about one mile from the fields and is superb.

6. When should we book flights? Plan on arriving on Friday and either leaving after 9 pm on Sunday evening (camp will end at 7 pm) or Monday morning. Please note: Monday, the 18th of January is a holiday. You will definitely want to be at the hotel for the Awards Show on Friday night (7 pm)

7. Is there a rental car company you recommend? Yes, for rental cars, follow these steps: Go to www.enterprise.com, Fill in the information as dates and times needed, In the optional area you will add L540231 and then click continue, The next screen will ask for a PIN which is RUB, Choose your car and enjoy the discount.

10532558_799769966765802_261675554708847939_n8. If I am playing another sport (basketball) on Friday, can I arrive on Saturday morning? Yes, but I MUST be notified as early as possible so I can put you in a later group on Saturday. 

9. Why is VEGAS XXVII important? It is a major one for the recruitment of seniors since it is right before signing day, beyond important for the underclassmen as their recruiting will just be going into high gear and your only chance to be selected to the TOP 12 (the TOP 12  will be selected for the Invite Only TOP 12 and EVENT ELITE camp this summer in CA)

10. What do I get for attending VEGAS XXVII? The best on Long Snapping instruction in the world, a chance to meet the best Long Snappers in college and the NFL (they will be on hand assisting me all weekend), a Rubio Long Snapping shirt, a profile page with Rubio Long Snapping, a YouTube video to be used at your discretion, a chance to make the TOP 12 and the winner of the camp receives one year of free Rubio Long Snapping camps (accommodations and transportation not included).

You can register for VEGAS XXVII HERE


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