Recap of the TX Summer Camp (7/22/18)

Chism, Rubio, Oldham

Rubio Long Snapping traveled to TX on July 22nd, 2018 for their summer camp. Rubio Long Snapping traveled around the country this summert with stops in CA, NC, GA, IL, SC (Top Gun Camp), CA (College, TOP 12, Underclassmen Invitational) and TX!

Long Snappers from TX, LA, NE, OK, NM, MS & CA all traveled to this camp to get the best instruction and exposure in the world of Long Snapping. The camp was a great time had by all with an excellent group of Long Snappers and parents.

The overall champion of the camp was BRANDON OLDHAM (2019, TX). Brandon is a very smooth Long Snapper that is extremely accurate and consistent. Great frame and he is built thick. Loves when he really locks down his release point as that is when he doesn’t miss.

The speed champion of the camp was Eli Chism. He hit several snaps under .75 and had some very quick hands. Really impressed with his frame and how he handled the pressure when it came down to the final snaps. Great upside and an even better attitude.

The finals round matchups were Bryce Felt (51.39), Eli Chism (38.67), Brandon Oldham (38.36), John Farris (30.26), Brayden Chandler (25.93) and Blake Hooker 21.52.  You can see the full finals video below….


Braedy Wilson was very smooth and proved that he is one of the most athletic Long Snappers in his class. Great frame and his ball can be very quick.

Zac Bland is strong and was snapping with some very quick hands. Really impressed with what I saw out of Bland and look forward to seeing him this fall and beyond.

John Farris handled pressure well making it all the way to the finals. The more he really rips the ball back and can lock down his spiral, the better he will be. Great attitude.

Brayden Chandler has quick hands and was on fire all day in TX. Really done a great job of improving his overall frame and athleticism.

Olin Ferguson has a very long frame and tons of upside. Snapped the ball hard and was impressive. Watch him.

Nick Stoia had some of the quickest hands at the camp and absolutely tremendous frame.

Luke Taggart has as much upside as anyone in the country. Athletic build and moves very well on his feet.

Garrett Townsend is smooth with great consistency and accuracy.

Joshua Smetzer was snapping the ball with solid smoothness and easily getting under .80. Keep an eye on him.

Notables: Nicholas DiVirgilio, Corey Presusse, Jacob Trim


Blake Hooker is consistent, accurate and right on the cusp of greatness. When it clicks on Hooker, he is simply tremendous. Catches waves of brilliance and can dominate a day of camp.

Bryce Felt is snapping with a ton of power and has a tremendous attitude. Handles pressure well and his form is gorgeous. Making sure he is going straight back is going to be huge.

Ethan Lane had a great day in TX. Thick, big and strong Long Snapper with very quick hands that can get the ball back very quickly to the punter. Always improving.

Phillip Bourque is a big Long Snapper with an extremely smooth snapping motion. Need to see him snap as hard as he possibly can at all times and use all of his big body.

Notables: Connor Blackwell, David Perez


Ben Wheless had a great day in TX. Thick and powerful Long Snapper with a consistent snapping motion. Locking down his spiral is going to be huge for Wheless.

Grant Steffen was accurate and consistent Long Snapper with a smooth snapping motion.

Notables: Blake Rejcek


Joaquin Espinoza, Blake Keith, and Grayson Repass

Here are the RSI Scores from the TX Camp…..

Apodaca, Quentin            15.31 2020
Barron, Preston                      – 2020
Blackwell, Connor            13.33 2020
Bland, Zac            18.52 2019
Bourque, Phillip            17.24 2020
Brock, Tyler            14.85 2021
Buda, Grant               3.06 2021
Chandler, Brayden            25.93 2019
Chism, Eli            38.67 2020
Click, Justin                      – 2021
DiVirgilio, Nicholas            24.14 2019
Edwards, Thomas Cooper                      – 2020
Ellerbee, Andrew                      – 2019
Espinoza, Joaquin               6.12 2022 – 2025
Espinoza, Joaquin                      – 2022 – 2025
Farris, John            30.26 2019
Felt, Bryce            51.39 2020
Ferguson, Mike                      – 2019
Ferguson, Olin            13.48 2019
Hooker, Blake            21.52 2020
Keith, Blake               6.67 2022 – 2025
Lane, Ethan                      – 2020
Lee, Rex                      – 2022 – 2025
Mccarroll, Austin               3.00 2020
Mccormack, Nathan            21.43 2019
McCoy, Jacob                      – 2019
O’Toole, Ryan            13.19 2020
Oldham, Brandon            38.36 2019
Parsons, William            10.34 2019
Perez, David               6.52 2020
Preusse, Corey            10.53 2019
Rejcek, Blake                      – 2021
Repass, Grayson            13.92 2022 – 2025
Repass, Grayson                      – 2022 – 2025
Revel, JB            16.30 2021
Ryan, Hunter                      – 2022 – 2025
Smetzer, Joshua            19.78 2019
Steffen, Grant            12.12 2021
Stoia, Nick            13.79 2019
Taggart, Luke               6.67 2019
Thompson, Chase            13.19 2019
Townsend, Garrett               9.47 2019
Trim, Jacob               6.32 2019
Welsh, Riley               6.00 2020
Wheels, Ben               3.30 2021
Wiginton, Haydon                      – 2020
Wilson, Braedy            14.47 2019

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