Form Letter to a Coach

You should send a school a simple letter/e-mail/Facebook message to let schools know you are interested and for you to get on their radar/mailing list. 

First, make sure you send it to the Special Teams Coach and/or the Recruiting Coordinator. Remember to keep it very simply and to the point. The person reading your letter will almost always be male and they don’t need any fluff. They will want a bottom line and quick points.

I created a template for you and it should do the trick. Embrace….

Coach __________,

My name is _________________ and I am very interested in becoming a student-athlete for your university.  I am Long Snapper.

I currently play at __________________ High School in ____ (put your home state) and will graduate in ________ (month) of 20__.

I attend Rubio Long Snapping camps and am currently ranked ____ in my class and ____ in my state. You can see my profile, which will have Chris Rubio’s evaluation, my picture and a video of me HERE. (link your profile within the word HERE since it looks cleaner). Please feel free to contact Chris Rubio at either 626-260-2524 or if you would like more detailed information regarding me and my Long Snapping abilities.

You can also view my YouTube channel with more practice and game footage HERE. (Put a Hudl link if you have one as well, but immediately start the process of getting everything moved over to YouTube for many reasons)

I also noticed you have a home game (you could also use this for Spring Games) coming up on Saturday, the ____ of _______________. I was hoping to be put on the recruit list for that game so I can see what game day is like for the _______________ (school mascot name).

Please let me know what the next step in the recruiting process is for me to become a member of your team.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope to see you at one of your games this fall!

Thank you for your time,

John Smith
____________ High School, Class of ______
GPA: ______  ACT: ______ SAT: _________
E-Mail: _______________________________
Cell: _________________________________
Home Mailing Address: _________________________________________ (Street Address, City, State and Zip Code)
Other Honors: ________________________________________________  (Eagle Scout, All-League, MVP, Captain, Etc.)


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