ASK RUBIO – What foods do you love & hate AND Favorite Character on Rudolph

Dear Rubio…

What are some foods that you like and dislike?
-Curious in the Midwest


-Curious in the Midwest
Here are the ones I love….
– I am huge fan of pizza. Love it. I could eat it every single day, every meal, hot or cold. Love it. Best pizza I have ever had is Southway in Lewiston, ID. My standard is: stuffed crust, pepperoni, sausage, extra cheese, extra jalapenos, ranch and extra pizza sauce on the side.
– I am also a massive fan of desserts. The richer, the better. My favorite might be some sort of strawberry shortcake monstrosity Jolie makes that is in a tower jar thingy. I tend to black out eating it. It’s phenomenal.
– S’mores. Love them. Go to the Melting Point at some point in your life and get the S’Mores fondue chocolate thing. I have yet to have that and not burn my mouth on it cause I refuse to let it cool. So worth it.
Franks Red Hot Sauce. I tend to put it on anything. Try it on salads, you’re welcome.
– Bacon, duh. Best I have had is up at Coeur d’Alene Resort. It has some sort of maple party going on within it. It’s like a flavor explosion in your mouth.

Here are the ones I absolutely loathe….
– shredded anything. Disgusting. Who in the hell wants to floss while they eat? I’m out. Meat in a crock pot left so long that it starts to shred on it’s own is like Fear Factor to me. I would rather have dental surgery in a porta potty after a weekend chili cookoff than be forced to eat shredded anything. Was I clear enough:)
– olives. Gross. To me, eating an olive would be the same as chewing on a killer whale. Black, salty and rubbery. I’m out. Disgusting.
– mushrooms. Not sure, I just don’t like them…on anything.




Dear Rubio….

Who is your favorite character in the movie Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and why?  My personal favorite is the Abominable Snowman aka The Bumble..a very misunderstood character, not unlike a Long Snapper.
– #43Mom

I would have to agree. Anything that large and hairy is a sure fire win for me. Bless his heart.





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