The Idaho Experience – Others Things to Do While in Town

Ok, so you are heading to Idaho (most likely for the first time for either the Rising Seniors Camp, The TOP 12 Camp or The Rising Stars Super Showcase) and you want to know what else there is to do in and around Lewiston. I would be doing the same sort of research, so I did a lot of it for you. You can always check out the fantastic tourism board as well here.

Palouse Falls, WA – 60 miles away (remember, you are in a rural area so you will see seven cars on that drive) and one of the most beautiful things you will see in your life.

Coeur d’Alene, ID. – 74 miles away. Very cute downtown and the CDA (Coeur d’Alene) Resort is world renowned for it’s views and golf course (it has a floating green that you boat to!).

McCall, Idaho – 109 miles away and gorgeous. Basically halfway between Lewiston and Boise. Gorgeous drive along the Salmon River. Big lake and a cute little town.

Dworshak Dam in Orofino – 35 miles away. Beautiful drive along the Clearwater River. Not much to do in Orofino besides check out their schools mascot (Maniacs, not kidding).

Washington State University – 27 miles away. Great chance to see a Division 1 campus. Pullman, WA. has some decent spots to eat as well. It is only about six miles from University of Idaho so you could easily kill two birds with one stone.

University of Idaho – 25 miles away. Great chance to see an FBS school and it is only about 6 miles from WSU. Two completely different campuses. Gambinos is a good pizza place in Moscow, ID …say Mosco, not MosCOW…they get pissed :). FYI: that cut in half beer can turned upside down is the Kibbie Dome, where they play football.

Harrison, Idaho – 76 miles away and a gorgeous drive through lots and lots of trees. Small lake town with one of my favorite places in the world, One Shot Charlies. Great restaurant and bar. Gorgeous views and the world famous Creamery. By boat, you are now 30 minutes from Coeur d’Alene or 60 minutes by car.

Southway Pizzeria – One of my favorite pizza places in the world.

Fazzari’s Pizza – Big battle in town over if Southway or Fazzari’s is better (I think it’s Southway) pizza. Fazzari’s is thinner and less gooey, Southway is all over your face and I am so in for that type of pizza (better sauce as well).


Bravas Restaurant – Good sit down place with a wide array of quality food. More upscale for Lewiston, ID.

Bojacks Broiler Pit – Hole in the wall restaurant that serves a lot of food. You will not leave hungry

The Mystic Cafe – Coffee place with a bakery and a solid restaurant that is more upscale for Lewiston.

Waffles N More – downtown Lewiston. Hole in wall breakfast place that is usually crowded because of big portions and great food!

Clearwater River Casino, Lewiston – 6 miles. Your standard Native American casino with a sports bar that has a massive tv.

Wineries – There are several wineries in around Lewiston but the one I hear the most good things about is Rivaura. If you are REALLY into wine, you should definitely go check out Walla Walla, WA (70 miles away)

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