Rubio Long Snapping Top 12 Camp in Naples, FL   The final RSI scores were a combo of Target scores, 4o’s, 5-10-5 Drill, L Drill, Speed with bonus points for being in the tops of each category.

The finalists with the top 12 overall RSIs were:

Jack Florentine
Jacob Poff
Wyatt Rubinoff
Caleb Blankenship
Connor Weeks
Jace Eastlick
Morrow Evans
Robby Belmarez
Jayden Fernandez
Tyson Trim
Gray Evans
Kellan Sutton

Last, First RSI ADD
Beal, Landon 22.47
Belmarez, Robby 54.86
Benjamin, Ryan 33.66
Blankenship, Caleb 62.76
Blanton, Benjamin 29.73
Box, Marshall 24.00
Boylan, Nathan 22.17
Browne, Thomas 38.18
Buckner, J.R. 44.02
Connelly, John 43.87
Curry, Nick 50.48
Dietz, Tate 31.58
Eastlick, Jace 57.36
Engstrand, Jaxon 32.13
Evans, Gray 51.15
Evans, Morrow 55.05
Fernandez, Jayden 53.95
Florentine, Jack 71.89
Gorby, Braeden Dean 30.35
Gunderson, Brock 26.83
Ingram, Charlie 36.40
Johnson, Bode 31.33
Koonce, Isaiah 40.68
Leonard, Bradford 29.11
Martinez, Jared 40.51
McNutt, Keaton 49.43
Mills, Grant 0.00
Molen, Broden 33.91
Nazworth, Brandon 38.71
Owen, Carter 40.68
Poff, Jacob 71.67
Riggs, Jake 39.81
Rubinoff, Wyatt 64.52
Schlater, Caleb 22.89
Sutton, Kellan 51.00
Thompson, Jax 33.62
Trim, Tyson 51.35
Vinci, Joseph 34.14
Walker, Cole 28.51
Weeks, Conor 58.26
Yocum, Gunnar 46.06


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