Auld Lang Syne…Rubio Style

To the tune of Auld Lang Syne and, if you need help with the tune, PLEASE embrace two of my boys, Cruz and Alec “singing” it HERE for your entertainment. Bless their hearts:)

Should all my bad snaps be forgot,
And never brought to mind….
Should all the kickers be forgot,
For the rest of time….

For all the time I worked on form,
I know I’m not dumb…
For all snaps I have taken,
I know my best are yet to come. 

My best are yet to commmmmme

For all the camps I’ve been to,
And had such a great time…
For all the friends I have made,
They’ll be in Vegas in a bit o’ time

And if I make it to the finals,
With all watching me near….
I’ll snap with confidence,
And get free camps for a year…

Free camps for a yearrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Happy New Year and please be safe tonight from the Rubio Long Snapping family!!!!


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