Recap of the NC Summer Camp (6/30/18)

Rubio Long Snapping traveled to NC on June 30th, 2018 for their summer camp. Rubio Long Snapping will be traveling around the country this spring with stops in CA, NC, GA, IL, SC (Top Gun Camp), CA (College, TOP 12, Underclassmen Invitational) and TX!

Long Snappers from AZ, CA, CT, DE, FL, GA, MA, NC, NJ, NY, SC, TX, VA & WV all traveled to this camp to get the best instruction and exposure in the world of Long Snapping. The camp was a great time had by all with an excellent group of Long Snappers and parents.

The champion of the camp was Joe Shimko! Shimko was the overall and speed champion. He has become as dominant a Long Snapper that has gone through Rubio Long Snapping in quite some time. He has now won six camp in the last year and a half. He recently committed to NC State on full scholarship and they got a great one. He snaps as hard as anyone in his class, moves extremely well and handles pressure as well as anyone in the country. He is an absolute machine that gets better with each and every camp. Flat out stud.

The finals round matchups were Rhys Suter (53.73), Joe Shimko (42.86), Carson Knight (42.67), Drew Little (39.13), Ben Wheless (38.36) and Cody White (37.50). You can see the full finals video below….


Drew Little

Joe Shimko was obviously dominant all day in NC. Speed and overall champion left no doubt he is, easily, one of the top Long Snappers in the country. He is an absolute machine.

Drew Little was on fire all day in NC. Body is getting thicker and stronger by the second. Ball is smooth and extremely fast with times under .70 at all times. The North Carolina Tar Heels got a great one. Ball is so smooth and he has zero wasted movement.

Doug McLaughlin is smooth and powerful. Always improving. Body is tightening up. Workhorse.

Rhys Suter looked very sharp in NC. Body is solid and he is snapping with great power right now. Locking down his spiral is going to be key. Great attitude.

Carson Knight made it to the finals and has the ability to snap some severe heat back to the punter. When he is on, he is very on.

Scooter Hinton is a massive human being with excellent power. Very raw with upside that is off the charts.

John Morton snaps a very smooth ball and has a nice, thick frame.

Justin Pollock is built like a college tight end right now and has all of the tools for greatness.

Matt Parrino is a big man that has the ability snap a very powerful ball back to the punter.

Notables: Kevin Thompson, CJ Otwell, Tripp Heath. Henry Freer, Sam Hargett


Cody White

Cody White had a great day in NC making it deep into the finals and snapping with great power. He came all the way out from CA and showed he can easily be one of the top Long Snappers in his class.

Bryce Eimer got hot late and did great in NC. Very good attitude and he is snapping the ball very well right now. North Jersey should be proud.

Jake Foggia is solid with his form, attitude and the spiral when he is snapping the ball. When he really lets it go, the ball can fly out of his hands.

Ryan Purcell was snapping balls back to the punter under .80 with his quick hands and smooth hands. Impressive day.

Will McCoy has all of the tools to be one of the greats. Incredible frame.

Will Cobb is extremely athletic and when gets hot, he is on fire!

Notables: Griff Barlow, Michael Bowles, Kir Holton, Jack May, Cole McCutcheon, Cole Rasmussen, Brandon Richards


Rocco Underwood

Rocco Underwood has a great frame and can rip the ball back to the punter. Locking down his release point to increase his accuracy is going to be huge for Rocco.

Alex McLaughlin is a strong Long Snapper that can easily hit under .80 when his spiral is on and he is getting his eyes through. Solid athlete and great upside.

Austin Turner is big and powerful with one of the tightest spirals in the country. Great potential and he is a hard worker.

Ty Nicholas is one of the most intriguing Long Snappers in his class. Built extremely well and once it clicks, he will crush the rest of his class.

Aaron Brannon shows waves of brilliance and has tons of upside.

Ben Wheless charted very well and earned a top 6 RSI to get all the way into the finals.

Paul Joseph Meyers is built extremely well and could easily do this at the next level if he keeps improving with his legs.

Notables: Samuel Watkins, Stewart Jones


Briggs Magee

Briggs Magee already has good form and I love his attitude. Always improving and he is starting to move well on his feet. Ball is quick for his age and just getting better. Watch this kid!

Here are the RSI Scores from the NC camp….

Barlow, Griff 20               3.49
Bowen, Jack 20            13.92
Bowles, Michael 20               6.98
Bradshaw, Andrew 19            10.59
Brannock, Aaron 21            14.81
Busbee, Caleb 23               7.50
Cobb, Jr., Jeffrey 20                      –
Cobb, Will 20            11.84
Cooney, Patrick 21               6.82
Cottrell, Jude 21               6.32
Rader, Daniel 19            12.37
Dezern, Jacob 21               2.91
Doolittle, Caden 19               6.59
Eimer, Bryce 20            33.78
Finklea, Graham 19                      –
Foggia, Jake 20               3.95
Freer, Henry 19               3.66
Gibbons, Jacob 19               6.32
Gordon, Zach 19                      –
Hagler, Chase 19            17.24
Hargett, Sam 19            10.47
Health, Tripp 19                      –
Hinton, Scotter 19               3.66
Holton, Kirk 20               6.67
Jones, Stewart 21               3.19
Knight, Carson 19            42.67
Little, Drew 19            39.13
Lucas, Andrew 21               3.03
Magee, Briggs 22                      –
Magee, Michael 22               9.47
Manis, Ryan 22               6.00
May, Jax 20                      –
McCoy, Will 20               6.59
McCutcheon, Cole 20            17.05
McLaughlin, Alex 21                      –
McLaughlin, Doug 19            22.37
Mennona, Anthony 22                      –
Meyers, Paul Joseph 21                      –
Mitchell, Christopher 23                      –
Mitchell, Will 20                      –
Morton, John 19                      –
Nicholas, Ty 21            13.48
Otwell, CJ 19               6.82
Parrino, Matt 19            21.79
Pollock, Justin 19            26.76
Purcell, Ryan 20                      –
Radhuber, Brayden 21               5.83
Rasmussen, Cole 20            14.29
Richards, Brandon 20               7.41
Salerno, Avery 15               6.06
Shimko, Joseph 19            42.86
Stringfellow, Dale 22               6.00
Suter, Rhys 19            53.73
Thompson, Kevin 19            21.52
Tootle, Austin 19            14.29
Triplett, Spencer 20               6.90
Turner, Austin 21            14.10
Underwood, Rocco 21            22.22
Watkins, Samuel 21            26.09
Wheless, Ben 21            38.36
White, Cody 20            37.50
Wright, Michael 20                      –

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