Q and A with Rubio

Q: Who is the fastest Long Snapper you have ever worked with?
A: Tyler Schmitt of San Diego State and then the Seattle Seahawks. Timed him once at .53  – translates to about 45 mph!!!

Q: Should I be looking for a girlfriend right now?
A: Absolutely NOT! Wait until March. No need to get crazy with Christmas and Valentine’s Day right around the corner.

Q: If you are so opposed to kickers and your business partner, Sailer is a kicker, how do you work with him?
A: Simple. He doesn’t act like a kicker.

Q: What was your SAT score?
A: Good enough to get into UCLA:)

Q: What was your first car?
A: 1984 Honda Prelude and it was a piece. No radio. Something rattled in the trunk and I couldn’t fit in it unless the sunroof was open. Side note: I still embraced.

Q: Have you ever looked at a Long Snapper and immediately knew they would get a scholarship?
A: Yup and it happens at least once a year. Right now there are a couple out there but I won’t say who. The funny part is that most of them are nothing special in the beginning. There is just something I can see right away. Hard to explain. One particular was Mike Zupancic of Eastern Michigan (Side Note: he just won the Special Teams MVP of his team).

Q: Did you live with football players in college?
A: Yes and a couple paparazzi’s (seriously) named Buzzard and Dirty Dom.

Q: Who would win in a fight, your grandmother Macaw or your uncle that yelled at you for only making one sandwich
A: Easy answer. Macaw would crush Uncle Jim. She is much dirtier. She spits on the rules, the law and eventually her enemies grave.

Q: Why don’t more Long Snappers excel?
A: Lazy. Like I always say, being a great Long Snapper doesn’t take just hard work, it takes working right and hard.

Q: What is your opinion on a girl that comes up to me and knows about Long Snapping?
A: Propose

Q: Which Long Snapper that you have worked with has improved the most over time?
A: Tough as there have been a ton. One that I could show you examples of would be Taybor Pepper .  You’re welcome America:)



Q: What is the name of the shoulder pads for Long Snappers?
A: Douglas Snapper Pads.

Bless the heart of the person
that invented these gems

Q: Who was the first Long Snapper you ever worked with?
A: Casey Hales. Amazing story. Tiny surfer kid (currently holds the record for saying the most “bros” and “dudes” in a 24 hour span). He was a true student of Long Snapping. Worked his tail off and actually holds the record for most starts at Duke!

Q: What is your favorite food?
A: Pizza and THIS place has the best I have ever devoured.

Q: What are a couple things that can really crush a Long Snapper?
A: Bad attitude and a lack of confidence.

Q: My girlfriend stole my Rubio Long Snapping shirt…what should I do?
A: Winners and losers my friend, and you just lost…while she won.

Q: How much football do you watch?
A: Barely any. I Tivo games and fast forward to the snaps. Kid you not, I had not watched one play of the guy (not a snapper means I don’t remember his name) that just won the Heisman. Sailer actually makes fun of me since I don’t know any players or stats (and I don’t care). I know the college and pro Long Snappers. Others don’t matter to me.

Q: Who is the toughest Long Snapper you have worked with?
A: Tough one. Rubio Long Snapper Carson Tinker of Alabama is a solid choice as he has overcome a ton this past year but I am going to go with Rubio Long Snapper Scott Shockley. Scott is a 2012 Long Snapper from GA that, one year ago, was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer called osteosarcoma. He has gone through MANY surgeries in one short year and is continuing to go head to head with chemo. Kid came straight from the hospital to my GA camp this weekend to say hello to me and the guys. He is a soldier and everyone needs to keep him in their thoughts.

Next time you feel like complaining, 
think of Shockley

Q: Would you rather be a great Long Snapper or a great person?
A: Great person. Without a doubt. Many years down the road, no one will care how fast you snapped, how well you blocked or just how accurate you were. They won’t care how high you scored on The Target. They won’t care how much you dominated someone else. They will care how you handled your success. They will care about your demeanor and your overall attitude. They will care about what type of person you were and are. They will care how you treat them and others.

The snapping will fade, being a great person will not.

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