How to BE a Freshman

BE Quiet – You should be extremely proud of all that you accomplished in high school, but remember just that…it was in high school. If you are lucky enough to play a college sport, you will be surrounded by All-Americans. Get over yourself and keep what you did in the past, in the past. Strive for new accomplishments and dominate.

BE on Time – You should always be at least fifteen minutes early to everything. Be late once and a coach will never, ever forget it. My motto is if you can’t be on time, be early.

BE Responsible – You should know that you are now officially a role model and many people are looking up to you and will want to emulate you. Whether it be the child that wants to be you or the parent that wants their child to be like you, you have a major responsibility to not let them down. Think before you do anything (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). One slip up can hurt you for the rest of your life.

BE Nice – Whether it’s to the equipment guy, kids wanting an autograph, your parents, your tutors or academic advisor, you need to be nice. There is no doubt that all those involved in your life will speak to one another and if you are rude to one, they will all know and begin to look at you in a different light.

BE Assertive – It is very common for the upperclassmen to try and pick on you. It is what they do so get over it. They are simply testing you to see if you belong on “their” team. Advice: stick up for yourself but don’t start anything. IF, and the key word is if,  someone at practice attempts to push you around, push them back. Don’t take any crap or you will immediately be know as someone with no backbone that they (the team) won’t be able to rely on in a time of need. I repeat, stick up for yourself but don’t start anything.

BE Willing and Able to Adapt – When you go off to college, that is your new home. Accept and embrace it. Know that you are making a change and go in with an open mind. It is a new stage in your life and you need to go into it with wide open arms and not continuously talk about, think about or want to be home. If you are obsessing about the past, you can’t live in the present and make your future.


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