ASK RUBIO – Athleticism, Flexibility & Strength in the Off-Season AND Confidence vs Cockiness

Dear Rubio….

What are your recommendations for improving athleticism, flexibility, and strength during the off season, which is normally coupled with spring football workouts,
-Sincerely, don’t think just snap!

Dear Don’t Think Just Snap….
YOGA, YOGA, then more YOGA…make sure you are in the back row. You’ll thank me later.


Dear Rubio….

You always say you love when you have an extremely confident long snapper and tell us all to show off our ranking and be very confident no matter who you’re up against and to be a good snapper you have to be very confident.  In snapping and in life where do you draw the line between self pride/confidence and cockiness?
– Puzzled Long Snapper

Puzzled Long Snapper….
It is a VERY, VERY fine line and you have to know what it is. It is actually for every person. I want my Long Snappers to be toeing that line and have the killer instinct of a shark. When you go head to head with another Long Snapper, you should almost feel bad for them since you know you are going to crush them. Confidence is backing what you say up without being an idiot about the whole thing. Cockiness is bragging about what you are doing while being an idiot about the whole thing.



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