ASK RUBIO – Athleticism, Flexibility & Strength in the Off-Season AND Confidence vs Cockiness

Dear Rubio….

What are your recommendations for improving athleticism, flexibility, and strength during the off season, which is normally coupled with spring football workouts,
-Sincerely, don’t think just snap!

Dear Don’t Think Just Snap….
YOGA, YOGA, then more YOGA…make sure you are in the back row. You’ll thank me later.


Dear Rubio….

You always say you love when you have an extremely confident long snapper and tell us all to show off our ranking and be very confident no matter who you’re up against and to be a good snapper you have to be very confident.  In snapping and in life where do you draw the line between self pride/confidence and cockiness?
– Puzzled Long Snapper

Puzzled Long Snapper….
It is a VERY, VERY fine line and you have to know what it is. It is actually for every person. I want my Long Snappers to be toeing that line and have the killer instinct of a shark. When you go head to head with another Long Snapper, you should almost feel bad for them since you know you are going to crush them. Confidence is backing what you say up without being an idiot about the whole thing. Cockiness is bragging about what you are doing while being an idiot about the whole thing.



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The Process of Being Great



Not matter how many people want it for you, if you don’t – it will never happen. You will never reach your potential. If you aren’t the one truly pushing yourself, you will never give it your all. You must have the heart and desire to want it and you have to want it all. It’s actually quite simple, you will be as good, or great, as YOU want to be.

This doesn’t just mean your immediate family. It is anyone that encompasses who you are and will help you along the way. No one achieves greatness on their own. No one. Family can be friends, coaches, teachers, etc. and they are all in your corner. They push you, sometimes nicely and sometimes not so nicely. They know what you need sometimes more than you do. You can survive without them, but it isn’t pleasant and they make your journey much more fruitful and obtainable.

Can definitely put you in the drivers seat but will not keep you there. Eventually, the athleticism will wear off and then you will have to work smarter and not just harder. Your body, which houses your athleticism, will eventually wear down and then what are you stuck with? It is an important gear but not as imperative as others as it won’t keep you in the lead forever.

Really are the glue of it all. Will help you understand what to do and when to do it. Lack of brains will crush your chances for a long and fruitful career. Brains are a major gear and can stop or start the whole process of being great.

Getting along with others is not just a good thing, it is a necessity. Friends and family are one thing, but it is others that will enable you to achieve greatness in the long run as well. From trainers to journalists to managers to simply someone you meet along the way. Everyone can offer you something, just as you can offer something to everyone. Your personality will last much longer, and have more of an affect on others, than your athletic ability.

The final touch. What takes a person over the top. The knowing you will dominate. The knowing you will get it done under pressure. The knowing you have “IT.” Confidence is the one thing that can heavily overpower the other gears within this system.


Do you have everything working together, in your life, to ensure YOU achieve greatness? 

Feel free to add a gear below in the comment section and explain why you feel it is needed to make you great…


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