Here are the average RSI Scores  from the Rubio Long Snapping VEGAS XXXVII Event.

On January 16-17, 2021, Rubio Long Snapping held a Long Snapping camp called the VEGAS XXXVII Event. This event was created for all levels of Long Snappers.

The next stops for Rubio Long Snapping are: March 6th in Charlotte, March 7th in Atlanta, March 21st in the Midwest, April 18th in Dallas, May 1st in Los Angeles, May 2nd in Seattle, and May 15/16th for VEGAS XXXVIII. For more information, please go HERE

Your finalists were as follows… Ryan Young, Hiapo Ka’apana, Dominic Konopka, Austin Yeager, Logan Rager, Mark Langston, Jackson Plieth, Michael Orona, Devon Hooper, Jonathan Washburn, Nate Merchant and Jake Eldridge!

Logan Rager (NJ, 2022) was the overall winner of the camp! For more information, please go to

As you know, at every Rubio Long Snapping camp, the Long Snappers are tested to receive an RSI score. This is the most accurate and fair way to test a Long Snapper. Here are the RSI Scores from the VEGAS XXXVII EVENT…..

Abbes, Matthew
Able, Connor 35.21
Anderson, Ben 30.30
Arredondo, Jason 2.06
Baker, Trent 21.25
Barr, Aidan 31.43
Basso, Luke 34.25
Berry, Jack 25.32
Bessert, Keane 14.47
Blanton, Ben 12.20
Borbon, Jovoni 26.32
Bowers, Caleb 26.67
Brown, Mylin 9.09
Buggs, Aidan
Bumgarner, Mabry 17.28
Burdette, Batton
Burt, Gannon 35.00
Campos, Andrew 28.77
Cervantes, AJ 27.03
Cordola, Amedeo 20.73
Cortez, Connor 12.64
Curry, Nathan 18.39
DeRosier IV, Charles 28.79
Dietz, Max
Dorsett, Trey 7.41
Downs, Brady 14.85
Dumas, Matthew 2.86
Ehrlich, Osker 30.00
Eldridge, Jake 36.99
Eleopoulos, Alex 22.97
Ellison, Dalyn 17.78
Embrey, Karsen 5.00
Evans, Jason 10.71
Fisher, Jacob 20.78
Fitzmeyer, Michael 26.32
Freeman, Wyatt 36.49
Freestone, Braxton 2.41
Gaines, Cameron 10.13
Gensemer, Grant 35.21
Gonzalez, Seth 7.69
Gorski, Blake 26.25
Granzow, Luke 11.76
Greer, Isaac 27.03
Hasson, AJ 6.67
Hooper, Devon 38.03
Jones, Carson 30.23
Kaapana, Hiapo 49.28
Kean, Ryan 28.00
Kellams, Bryce 23.08
Kennedy, Anders 6.52
Konopka, Dominic 49.28
Kozhaya, Andrew
Kuczynski, Brett
Landrum, Solomon 36.36
Langston, Mark 43.28
Lee, Jackson 25.30
Legere, Ryan 21.43
Lipkin, Gavin 8.54
Magee, Briggs 17.19
Manis, Ryan 18.18
McChesney, Luke 16.88
Meddings, Carson 31.51
Merchant, Nathan 37.14
Middleton, Trent 7.06
Miller, Joe 35.21
Milliron, Carter 18.18
Mills, Grant 19.15
Mitchell, Landon 19.48
Mock, Caleb 20.83
Mohr, Jacob 23.75
Molen, Landon 17.07
Monteforte, Rino 34.85
Moore, Anthony 6.67
Moore, Asa 6.90
Morse, Hayden 2.88
Moser, Caleb 25.93
Musgrove, Dixon 13.25
Naughton, Trey 31.08
Oney, Peter 13.51
Orona, Michael 38.89
Phillips, Austin 12.94
Plieth, Jackson 41.89
Prieto, Drew 28.17
Radz, Brady 30.26
Rager, Logan 44.12
Ridenour, Evan 20.25
Robbins, Caleb 20.59
Rodarte, Luca 20.27
Ross, Hayden 15.56
Rountree, Grant 15.38
Scherer, Daniel 18.18
Scherer, Jonathan 5.77
Sharpe, Weston 20.78
Smillie, Steven
Smith, Brendan 4.88
Sokach-Minnick, Blaise 27.40
Stanphill, David 18.46
Steffen, Grant 31.43
Stein, Elijah 26.87
Stein, Jack 28.17
Steiner, Carson 28.05
Stringfellow, Dale 31.08
Tabb, Jonathan 22.89
Taikina, Joseph 21.52
Taylor, Alexandar 22.22
Taylor, Jameason 15.07
Tomberlin, Bridger 18.42
Tyson, David 23.38
Vega, Joshua 10.71
Washburn, Jonathan 38.03
Weed, Carson 2.48
Wehby, Cade 27.06
Wells, Joe 18.75
Welsing, Brett 26.67
Wigglesworth, Tyler 27.85
Willis, Toby
Wood, Justin 11.24
Yeager, Austin 46.48
Young, Ryan 56.94
Zenan, John 2.06
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