Happy Ranksgiving to the Long Snappers from the TX Camp!

The rankings are completed for ALL Long Snappers that participated in the Rubio Long Snapping Nike Fall Camp in TX on November 10!

There were many new Long Snappers out in TX and several impressed me. For a full recap article of the Rubio Long Snapping camp in TX, please go HERE


  • My rankings are NOT done just from the Target
  • My rankings are NOT done from some mathematical formula.
  • My rankings ARE done by me and only me. That is why I am at all my camps.
  • My rankings are based off of this blog I wrote about what makes a Long Snapper great.
  • If you would like anything added to your profile page, simply email me (Rubio@RubioLongSnapping.com) the information and consider it done.
  • All Long Snappers are ranked after their first fall camp of their freshman year in high school.

A Long Snapper has the ability to adjust their ranking anytime I see them LIVE, not on video.

For the rankings for the class of 2014, please go HERE

For the rankings for the class of 2015, please go HERE

For the rankings for the class of 2016, please go HERE

For the rankings for the class of 2017, please go HERE



Rubio Long Snappers in College Games – Weekend of 11/21/13

Here we go….week thirteen!

Get your DVR ready to see A LOT of Rubio Long Snappers in action. If I miss one, please just email me (Rubio@RubioLongSnapping.com) and I will make sure it doesn’t happen again as well as update this page immediately. The list of Long Snappers that have gone through Rubio Long Snapping camps is very large and it is tough to keep track (tough problem to have, huh?)

Below are games that will have a Rubio Long Snapper on the team in bold.

GAME ON!!!!!

Buffalo vs Miami (OH)

Northern Illinois vs Toledo

Rice vs UAB
vs UCF
UNLV vs Air Force

Navy vs San Jose State

Citadel vs Clemson
vs Houston
Oklahoma vs Kansas State
vs Louisville
vs Miami (FL)
Old Dominion 
vs North Carolina
Michigan State 
vs Northwestern
vs Purdue
Duke vs Wake Forest
vs Iowa
Mississippi State 
vs Arkansas
East Carolina 
vs North Carolina State
vs Syracuse
vs Central Michigan
Bowling Green vs Eastern Michigan
Coastal Carolina 
vs South Carolina
Chattanooga vs Alabama
Georgia Southern 
vs Florida
vs Wyoming
Georgia State 
vs Arkansas State
New Mexico State 
vs Florida Atlantic
vs Arizona
Idaho vs Florida State
Texas A&M 
vs LSU
Boston College 
vs Maryland
vs North Texas
vs Notre Dame
vs Ohio State
vs Penn State
Middle Tennessee 
vs Southern Miss
vs Tulane
Colorado State 
vs Utah State
vs Washington State
New Mexico 
vs Fresno State
California vs Stanford
vs FIU
Kentucky vs Georgia
vs Louisiana Tech
vs South Alabama
vs South Florida
vs Temple
Vanderbilt vs Tennessee
Western Kentucky 
vs Texas State
Arizona State vs UCLA
vs Ole Miss
vs Iowa State
vs Oklahoma State
vs Colorado
vs Oregon State
Boise State 
vs San Diego State
vs Charleston Southern
Wofford vs Furman
Harvard vs Yale
vs Davidson
vs Hampton
Charlotte vs Morehead State
Eastern Kentucky 
vs Murray State
Cornell vs Penn
Gardner-Webb vs Presbyterian
Brown vs Columbia
Princeton vs Dartmouth
vs VMI
Stephen F. Austin vs Northwestern State
Arkansas-Pine Bluff vs Prairie View A&M
Eastern Illinois 
vs UTM
South Dakota State vs Youngstown State
Southern Illinois 
vs Indiana State
vs Montana State
Elon vs Samford
Northern Arizona 
vs Southern Utah
Western Carolina vs Appalachian State
Sam Houston State 
vs Central Arkansas
Southeast Missouri State vs Jacksonville State
Stetson vs Mercer
Western Illinois 
vs UNI
Portland State vs Eastern Washington
UC Davis 
vs Sacramento State
McNeese State vs Lamar




Semi-Final List for the 2013 Chris Rubio Award

Here is the initial watch list for the 2013 Chris Rubio Award. These Long Snappers have proven, through multiple stats, that they deserve to be on this list to possibly win the award on January 17, 2014 in Las Vegas, NV.

The members of this watch list will now be required to provide no more than a one minute updated highlight tape (on YouTube), a letter of recommendation (scanned and emailed to Rubio@RubioLongSnapping.com) from a current coach, a current teacher and a reporter that covers their area explaining why they deserve to win this prestigious award. Everything mentioned above needs to be emailed by no later than November 2o, 2013. If all is not received by November 20, the Long Snapper will not have a chance to win the award. Following review of all the material, a semifinal watch list will be put on December 1st.

  1. Andrew Robinson
  2. Brandon Locha
  3. Davis Winkie
  4. Josh Lowe
  5. Joe Lang
  6. Tanner Carew
  7. Nate Adams
  8. Alan Lucy
  9. Blake Ferguson
  10. Connor Kelsey
  11. Johnny Den Bleyker
  12. John Morrison
  13. Garrett Frum
  14. Mitchell Hardy
  15. AJ Carty
  16. Will Parker Carter
  17. Scott Meyer
  18. Hunter Varga
  19. Josh Sinkuc
  20. Alex Edwards
  21. Seth Combs


Cole Mazza with The Chris Rubio Award


Rubio Long Snappers in College Games – Weekend of 11/7/13

RubioHere we go….week eleven!

Get your DVR ready to see A LOT of Rubio Long Snappers in action. If I miss one, please just email me (Rubio@RubioLongSnapping.com) and I will make sure it doesn’t happen again as well as update this page immediately. The list of Long Snappers that have gone through Rubio Long Snapping camps is very large and it is tough to keep track (tough problem to have, huh?)

Below are games that will have a Rubio Long Snapper on the team in bold.

GAME ON!!!!!

Bowling Green vs Miami (OH)

Central Michigan vs Ball State

Oklahoma vs Baylor
Troy vs Louisiana
Oregon vs Stanford
Prairie View A&M 
vs Alcorn State

Louisville vs Connecticut
Air Force vs New Mexico

Western Kentucky vs Army
SMU vs Cincinnati
Vanderbilt vs Florida
vs Iowa State
Missouri vs Kentucky
UAB vs Marshall
Penn State 
vs Minnesota
Iowa vs Purdue
Auburn vs Tennessee
Kansas State 
vs Texas Tech
Florida State vs Wake Forest
Arkansas vs Ole Miss
Appalachian State
 vs Georgia
VIrginia vs North Carolina
Western Michigan vs Eastern Michigan
 vs UTSA
USC vs California
Nevada vs Colorado State
 vs Indiana
Syracuse vs Maryland
Nebraska vs Michigan
 vs Navy
Boston College vs New Mexico State
UTEP vs North Texas
Mississippi State
 vs Texas A&M
BYU vs Wisconsin
Tulsa vs East Carolina
North Carolina State
 vs Duke
FIU vs Middle Tennessee
Kansas vs Oklahoma State
Arizona State
 vs Utah
UTM vs Memphis
Old Dominion vs Idaho
Southern Miss vs Louisiana Tech
Arkansas State
 vs Louisiana-Monroe
Virginia Tech vs Miami (FL)
 vs UCF
Texas vs West Virginia
LSU vs Alabama
Notre Dame 
vs Pittsburgh
Utah State vs UNLV
Colorado vs Washington
vs Arizona
Fresno State vs Wyoming
San Diego State vs San Jose State
Wesley College vs Charlotte
Brown vs Yale
Harvard vs Columbia
Marist vs Campbell
Coastal Carolina 
vs Charleston Southern
Bucknell vs Fordham
Savannah State vs Howard
San Diego vs Morehead State
Eastern Illinois 
vs Murray State
Citadel vs Elon
vs Furman
Dayton vs Drake
Western Carolina 
vs Georgia Southern
vs South Dakota
Abilene Christian vs Incarnate Word
Jacksonville vs Mercer
Nicholls vs Sam Houston State
Indiana State 
vs South Dakota State
Missouri State vs Southern Illinois
vs Stetson
Montana State vs Eastern Washington
Presbyterian vs Liberty


Rubio Long Snappers in College Games – Weekend of 10/3/13

Here we go….week six starts tonight!

Get your Tivo ready to see A LOT of Rubio Long Snappers in action. If I miss one, please just email me (Rubio@RubioLongSnapping.com) and I will make sure it doesn’t happen again as well as update this page immediately. The list of Long Snappers that have gone through Rubio Long Snapping camps is very large and it is tough to keep track (tough problem to have, huh?)

Below are games that will have a Rubio Long Snapper on the team in bold.

GAME ON!!!!!

Texas vs Iowa St
Western Kentucky vs Louisiana Monroe
vs Utah
BYU vs Utah St.
vs San Diego State
Air Force 
vs Navy
Eastern Michigan 
vs Buffalo
Maryland vs Florida State
Penn State 
vs Indiana
Michigan State 
vs Iowa
Texas Tech 
vs Kansas
Illinois vs Nebraska
Ball State 
vs Virginia
Georgia State 
vs Alabama
North Carolina 
vs Virginia Tech
Army vs Boston College
Central Michigan vs Miami (OH)
South Alabama 
vs Troy
UTSA vs Marshall
Western Michigan 
vs Toledo
Florida Atlantic 
vs UAB
vs Bowling Green
Georgia Tech vs Miami (FL)
Minnesota vs Michigan
East Carolina 
vs Middle Tennessee
Kansas State 
vs Oklahoma State
Clemson vs Syracuse
vs Tennessee
North Texas 
vs Tulane
vs Tulsa
North Carolina State 
vs Wake Forest
Washington State 
vs California
FIU vs Southern Miss
vs Colorado
Ole Miss
 vs Auburn
vs Florida
vs Mississippi State
New Mexico State
 vs New Mexico
vs Oklahoma
Arizona State 
vs Notre Dame
vs South Carolina
Louisiana Tech 
vs Vanderbilt
West Virginia 
vs Baylor
Ohio State 
vs Northwestern
 vs Stanford
San Jose State 
vs Hawaii
North Greenville 
vs Charleston Southern
Gardner-Webb vs Charlotte
Colgate vs Cornell
Morehead State 
vs Campbell
vs Dayton
North Carolina Central vs Howard
vs Penn
Columbia vs Princeton
Elon vs Furman
vs Wofford
Appalachian State vs Citadel
Jacksonville vs Drake
Western Illinois 
vs Illinois State
Abilene Christian 
vs Pittsburg State
Georgia Southern vs Samford
Southern Illinois 
vs South Dakota State
Jacksonville State 
vs UTM
Youngstown State vs Indiana State
UC Davis 
vs Southern Utah
Bucknell vs Lafayette
Portland State vs Montana
McNeese State vs Central Arkansas
vs San Diego
Northern Arizona vs Montana State
Yale vs Cal Poly
Prairie View A&M vs Grambling State
Western Carolina vs Chattanooga
Austin Peay vs Eastern Kentucky
vs Old Dominion
Weber State vs Eastern Washington
Incarnate Word 
vs Southeastern Louisiana

Northern Colorado vs Sacramento State



It really is OK to be a fan – give it a try sometime







Here is an article I wrote for my local paper, The Lewiston Tribune, that was published today and I thought you might embrace….

Recently, I attended a Seahawks game with some very good friends of mine. The atmosphere was electric in the stadium and within my group. It was a good time for everyone – unless of course you happened to be a fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars.

One member of the group I was with really caught my eye, and my heart. He has been a fan of the Seahawks for his whole 23 years of life. He never has played football. He has a very common job in the valley. He graduated from the local high school. He has a girlfriend. He is your average man, but he is also a fan, and he was at his first game.

The night before the game began, he was ready for it to begin. It was like watching a child the night before Christmas. My friend’s anxiousness was infectious. All he could talk about on the ride over was the game and how he “was ready!” He’s a fan.

The day of the game, he vaulted out of bed and wanted to get to the stadium immediately. It didn’t even matter to him that the gates wouldn’t even open for several hours. He was ready. He’s a fan.

At the game, his excitement was off the charts. His being a fan was, to sum it up, awesome to watch.

He watched each play as though there would be an exam at the conclusion of the game. He yelled, respectfully, at the refs when they blew a call. He high-fived. He screamed. He cheered. He wondered out loud how people had the audacity to leave the game early – even though the game was completely out of hand. He’s a fan.

Being a fan had built his hopes up for years. Being a fan had made him travel for hours upon hours to the game. Being a fan had got him to the stadium. Being a fan gave him something. Being a fan had driven him to this point. Being a fan would make his day, his week, his month, his year, maybe even his life, whole. He’s a fan.

Watching him made me wonder. Is he over the top? Is his behavior “normal?”

My friend is perhaps a little over the top, but I believe being a fan should be encouraged.

It is always talked about how much sports can do for the athlete; what about what sports can do for the fan?

Being a fan has given my friend, and others, drive, motivation, desire and hope for years. That is what sports can do.

It is OK to allow yourself to be a fan. Encourage your children to be fans. Show them the proper way and lead the way. Being a fan is just as much a part of the game as the players are in sports.

It’s OK to get “really into” a team. It’s OK to show your pride by wearing a jersey. It’s great to feel the ecstasy when your team does well or the pain when they don’t. That is life, sports are life and being a fan is a part of sports.

Be a fan. Cheer. Cry. Yell. Scream. Wonder. Anticipate. Be a fan.

Maybe one day, someone will be a fan of you.



Rubio Long Snapper Wyatt Tucker Smith Picks Up Offer from Central Arkansas!




Rubio Long Snapper Wyatt Tucker Smith (MS, JC/2014) has picked up a full scholarship offer from Central Arkansas!

This is Wyatt’s second offer with his first being from Troy a month back. Wyatt is a great Long Snapper and person. Here is what his profile evaluation says…

Wyatt is just flat out great! He is built, easily, like a D1 Long Snapper. He snaps like one, he runs like one and he looks like one. He is ready now. Snaps a nice, smooth ball with some great strength behind it. Very impressive to watch him snap the ball. Great attitude and continuously working to get better. Tell him to do something and just consider it done. Great attitude.

Congratulations once again to Wyatt Tucker Smith!


Rubio Long Snappers in College Games – Weekend of 9/26/13




Here we go….week five starts tonight!

Get your Tivo ready to see A LOT of Rubio Long Snappers in action. If I miss one, please just email me (Rubio@RubioLongSnapping.com) and I will make sure it doesn’t happen again as well as update this page immediately. The list of Long Snappers that have gone through Rubio Long Snapping camps is very large and it is tough to keep track (tough problem to have, huh?)

Below are games that will have a Rubio Long Snapper on the team in bold.

GAME ON!!!!!

Virginia Tech vs Georgia Tech
Iowa State vs Tulsa
Middle Tennessee
vs BYU
Utah State 
vs San Jose State
Miami (OH) 
vs Illinois
Northern Illinois vs Purdue
Miami (FL) vs South Florida
South Carolina vs UCF
Oklahoma State vs West Virginia
South Alabama vs Tennessee
East Carolina vs North Carolina
Virginia vs Pittsburgh
Navy vs Western Kentucky
Akron vs Bowling Green
Toledo vs Ball State
Colorado vs Oregon State
Florida State vs Boston College
Connecticut vs Buffalo
Wake Forest vs Clemson
UTEP vs Colorado State
vs Georgia
vs Minnesota
Central Michigan vs North Carolina State
vs Notre Dame
Army vs Lousiana Tech
Ole Miss vs Alabama
Texas A&M 
vs Arkansas
Florida vs Kentucky
Tulane vs Louisiana-Monroe
Florida Atlantic vs Rice
Wyoming vs Texas State
Arizona vs Washington
Kent State vs Western Michigan
Arkansas State vs Missouri
UAB vs Vanderbilt
UNLV vs New Mexico
San Diego State vs New Mexico State
Wisconsin vs Ohio State
Air Force vs Nevada
Stanford vs Washington State
Southern Miss vs Boise State
USC vs Arizona State
California vs Oregon
Fresno State vs Hawaii
vs North Carolina A&T
Cal Poly vs Portland State
vs Yale
Monmouth vs Columbia
Drake vs Mercer
Davidson vs Morehead State
Coastal Carolina vs Elon
Illinois State vs Missouri State
Charlotte vs Presbyterian
vs Valparaiso
Eastern Kentucky vs Eastern Illinois
Tennessee State vs Central State
Eastern Washington vs Sam Houston State
Western Carolina 
vs Samford
North Dakota State vs South Dakota State
Charleston Southern vs Appalachian State
Murray State vs Jacksonville State
South Dakota vs Western Illinois
Tarleton State vs Abilene Christian
Sacred Heart vs Bucknell
vs Citadel
Chattanooga vs Georgia Southern
Albany vs Old Dominion
Holy Cross vs Dartmouth
vs Grambling State
Eastern New Mexico vs Incarnate Word
Kentucky Wesleyan vs Liberty
Youngstown State 
vs Southern Illinois
Prairie View A&M 
vs Stephen F. Austin
Indiana State
vs  Tennessee Tech
Sacramento State vs Weber State
Montana vs Northern Arizona
Idaho State vs UC Davis
vs. Berry
Georgia Military vs Iowa Western


Rubio Long Snapper Blake Ferguson (GA, ’15) Commits to LSU!

Long time Rubio Long Snapper Blake Ferguson (GA, ’15) has committed to LSU!

Ferguson was offered by LSU this summer and that made him the earliest offer ever for a Long Snapper. Blake is obviously an incredible Long Snapper with text book form. He has great size, an amazing attitude and just rips the ball back to the punter. LSU got a great one in Blake!

Blake will be replacing older brother Reid at LSU when he graduates.

Head Coach Les Miles has basically just locked himself in almost a decade of great snaps! Congratulations once again to Blake and the Ferguson family. Geaux Tigers!


Rubio Long Snappers Finch and Ballinger Dominate Other Sport

Rubio Long Snappers and staff members John Finch and Kevin Ballinger (formerly of Purdue and bottom two in picture) and their Dodgeball team, the Little Lebowski Urban Achievers, have won their adult league dodgeball championship on the GUS League in Houston!

This is a story worth telling since Long Snappers are not known for being the fleetest of foot so this is quite an accomplishment. Also, if you have ever experienced these two at a camp, you can only imagine the spray these two probably generated towards their competitors throughout each match. On that note, word around town is they were verbally abused, a couple times, by a lady, but this can’t be confirmed nor denied.

For some reason, I could not find any highlights on Espn (yes, I even checked The Ocho) but you have to trust me that they won.

Bottom line, I embrace these two continuing their winning ways, trying to stay fit and representing well.