How to Get an Unofficial Recruiting Trip


Seriously, that is all you have to do . Call the football office (THE PLAYER CALLS) and say the following when they answer…

“Hi, my name is ___________ and I am a Rubio Long Snapper in the class of ____. (if you want to brag about your ranking, here is where you would do it). I am very interested in going to, and being recruited by,  _____(insert name of school)_____. I am looking to get put on the UNOFFICIAL RECRUIT LIST for your game vs. __________. What is the next step?”

At this point, they will most likely ask you some basic questions…(Name again, school, address, etc.). Answer them all because then you will be in their database and start getting more stuff from the school.

Please note: if this is done during the off-season, you simply tell them what day(s) you will be on campus and they will do the rest.

Couple Points….

  • The difference between an OFFICIAL RECRUITING TRIP and an UNOFFICIAL RECRUITING TRIP is that the athlete pays his way on the UNOFFICIAL RECRUITING TRIP
  • You can take AS MANY unofficial recruiting trips as you’d like. You are only allowed five official recruiting trips.
  • The bigger the game, the bigger the recruit you have to be in order to get those tickets. If you are not an absolute stud, you most likely won’t get a big time rivalry game.
  • You can start this process anytime, but usually sophomore year is good to let it rain.
  • Dress accordingly. Look clean and presentable. Rubio Long Snapping shirt or sweatshirt is always a good choice.
  • If you are too thin, wear thermals. If you are too heavy, wear something that fits well. If you are built well, wear something tight to show off what you got. Unofficial visits are a good way for a coach to see if you pass the eyeball test. Make sure you pass.
  • If parents go with the athlete, make sure the parents have a lot of taffy in their mouths so they don’t speak. Remember, the coach doesn’t want to hear from the parents. He wants to hear from the athlete.



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How To Get An Unofficial Recruiting Trip


ASK RUBIO – Off-Season Visits, Coach vs Mom, Is Senior Year Too Late?

Dear Rubio….

Hi Rubio. I wanted to take an unofficial visit this year but with my dad’s work schedule and my football schedule I couldn’t find the time to schedule one. I want to know if there is anyway to take a visit once football is out of season and how does one go about doing this?
-Big Headed Snapper

Big Headed Snapper….
The same exact way you would before….just call the football office and tell them you would like to visit. Need a refresher on how to get an UNOFFICIAL recruiting trip? Click HERE


Dear Rubio….

Ever since off season my coach has put me on the task to gain more weight. He has his own little  weight gain regiment, which consist of PB & J sandwiches , more portions during meals, and whole milk. I love it, iv gained about 6 or 7 pounds. My lifts have gone up, everything is going great. My mom does not love it. Last night she pointed at out that I look a little pudgy. She has been against this regiment since day one, she offered me an alternative. She would make me her own little diet for me, that would consist of more sleep, vitamins and other hocus pocus Doctor stuff that she says will help me gain weight, and a smaller waistline. What should I do?
-Snapper Swag

Snapper Swag…
Since it is working, I would continue with what your coach has going for you….BUT…..I would also listen to your mother, throw in some vitamins and increase your cardio to trim off the baby fat. You don’t want to look sloppy. Like I always say, put on some really tight white underwear and look at yourself in the mirror. If you feel like you want to throw up while looking at yourself, you might want to adjust the ol’ eating and training regimen.


Dear Rubio….

I have just finished my junior season of high school football and have dreams of playing college ball, as a long snapper. I picked up the craft 3/4 into the season and fell in love with it and have used videos from you and other coaches as my own source of coaching. Will the fact that I have only done the position for a few months affect how different colleges of different levels recruit me? Is the senior season too late? Could going to only two camps help me with exposure assuming I perform well? ( money is a little tight at the moment)

It might have a bit of an impact on your recruiting but not much. They want to know what you are doing now, not ten years ago. I have had several Long Snappers get full rides that never snapped in a high school game for one reason or another. I would highly recommend to get you the right exposure and not just smoke and mirrors. The senior season is in NO way too late. Read THIS blog on the waves of recruiting.

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