New Rubio Long Snapping Target

Over the past decade, I have been using the Rubio Long Snapping Target at all my camps and events across the country.

At regional camps, the Long Snappers go through a bracket type competition while at my Vegas Events, they go through a much more intense full on testing format where they compete against all and not just one other Long Snapper.

At every camp, I have noticed the Long Snappers keep getting better and better (mostly because they are coming younger and younger) and, in turn, the scoring on The Target has gone through some major changes. Battles in the bracket style format go much quicker (not a lot of wasted opportunity) and the overall scores in Vegas have skyrocketed.

A top score in Vegas used to be in the low teens and not is not an uncommon to see high teens, low 20’s, high 20’s or even in the 30’s. This is just crazy. I mean really insane.

Finally, after speaking it over with Chris Sailer of Chris Sailer Kicking and some of my senior staff members, I have decided The Target needed to be revamped. This new target will make things a bit more difficult but I do believe it will give me more of a true feeling of the abilities of each and every Long Snapper that goes head to head with it. It won’t be about simply hitting the target. It will be about hitting the exact spots a Long Snapper should be hitting.

Scoring will also be adjusted with a 3 pointer will be only in red areas and 2 pointer only in yellow. No points for in between any more.

I know some (many) of you might be flipping out right now but I truly believe this is for the best and you will be fine. Trust me.

With no further adieu, I present to you, the new Rubio Long Snapping Target for the rest of 2014 (take some time to really inspect every aspect of it and it’s gloriousness) and beyond…..

April Fools Target




  1. Very funny Rubio! We just got the new target and like it a lot. Also, Mike from Wizard is a really great guy!

  2. Awesome. I was hoping for a camera attachment to verify and give points only for laces up.

  3. Deborah Ruditis Wilcox says:

    Ok sooooo is this for real or is it an April fools joke???

  4. Dana W. Scott says:

    optional radar attachment for more accurate timing . and pressure plate behind target to measure velocity ?

  5. Michelle D'Amico says:

    I’m trying to build a snapping target for my son. Can you tell me what the height of the target needs to be.

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