ASK RUBIO “How do you tell a coach”, “Where does an Inexperienced player begin”, “Heavy footballs?”

Dear Rubio….

How do you tell a coach that you are de-committing from his college to go to another college? How do you approach him and what tone do you use?
Signed, Confused

You need to be up front with them and make it quick. If you are leaving a preferred walk-on for a scholarship, they will completely understand. If they argue with you, they are lying. No one would offer to pay for a car (tuition) if someone was giving them a car (tuition) for free.

If it is a preferred walk-on to a walk-on or scholarship to scholarship, explain your reasoning and be prepared to be swayed back so be strong. BE PREPARED and BE POLITE. That exact coach might be your coach in the near future since they never stay at the same location too long.

If it is a full scholarship to a preferred walk-on, you need your head examined.




Dear Rubio….

Where does an inexperienced player begin to make it as a “Starter” on their high school varsity football team? Where do you begin?  What advice would you give to an inexperienced player?  Suggestions to go from JV to Varsity to college scouts looking at you

This is a great question and I would say it all starts with showing dedication to your craft and your sport. You don’t need to be the loudest talker on the team, you just need to be the smartest and hardest worker…the coaches WILL notice. My advice would be to show up early, bust your butt, do what your told and keep your mouth shut. If a player is ALWAYS hustling and moving, while not being afraid to make a mistake, that will move them up quickly.

Coaches understand a player will make a mistake…it happens. They just want you to make the mistake at 100 mph and learn from it. If a player doesn’t learn from the mistake, he is showing ignorance and the coach won’t have confidence to move them up and put them in the game. Once you are in the game, that is where all your works comes in and the scouts will notice and the coaches will make them notice. If they don’t, I will:)



Dear Rubio….

What is your opinion on a Long Snapper using a heavy ball?
-K Dad

K Dad….
I am a big fan of the weighted footballs (best one I have seen is from WizardKicking and is the Baden 30 oz model) for warming up, laydown drill and some shorter snaps (less than ten yards) BUT I only like them for Long Snappers that have exceptional form. If a Long Snapper does NOT have exquisite form and uses a heavy ball, it will create more bad habits (think little kid shooting from the three point line in basketball…they push the ball instead of having really nice form like they would in close).

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New Rubio Long Snapping Target

Over the past decade, I have been using the Rubio Long Snapping Target at all my camps and events across the country.

At regional camps, the Long Snappers go through a bracket type competition while at my Vegas Events, they go through a much more intense full on testing format where they compete against all and not just one other Long Snapper.

At every camp, I have noticed the Long Snappers keep getting better and better (mostly because they are coming younger and younger) and, in turn, the scoring on The Target has gone through some major changes. Battles in the bracket style format go much quicker (not a lot of wasted opportunity) and the overall scores in Vegas have skyrocketed.

A top score in Vegas used to be in the low teens and not is not an uncommon to see high teens, low 20’s, high 20’s or even in the 30’s. This is just crazy. I mean really insane.

Finally, after speaking it over with Chris Sailer of Chris Sailer Kicking and some of my senior staff members, I have decided The Target needed to be revamped. This new target will make things a bit more difficult but I do believe it will give me more of a true feeling of the abilities of each and every Long Snapper that goes head to head with it. It won’t be about simply hitting the target. It will be about hitting the exact spots a Long Snapper should be hitting.

Scoring will also be adjusted with a 3 pointer will be only in red areas and 2 pointer only in yellow. No points for in between any more.

I know some (many) of you might be flipping out right now but I truly believe this is for the best and you will be fine. Trust me.

With no further adieu, I present to you, the new Rubio Long Snapping Target for the rest of 2014 (take some time to really inspect every aspect of it and it’s gloriousness) and beyond…..

April Fools Target




"Flatliners" Cameraman

As well all know, the summer time has become a hot bed for camps and fine-tuning your talent. Since I know you will be working on your Long Snapping throughout the months of June, July and August, I decided I might as well make a contest out of it.

The contest will be called Lights…Camera…SNAP! and the object is very simple:

Film yourself snapping consecutive 3 pointers (red rectangle) on The Rubio Target. The most consecutive amount of snaps that score a 3 pointer, with the film uncut, will receive a free Rubio Long Snapping camp in the fall of 2013 and a $60 Gift Certificate at!


  1. Film CANNOT be cut. The film must be continuously running throughout the entire process. A cut film will be automatically eliminated.
  2. It must be done on an official Rubio Long Snapping Target from Wizard Kicking. The old one on white vinyl material will not suffice.
  3. You can take breaks while filming if you would like. Honestly, I think that would just make it harder to keep a groove so godspeed to you.
  4. Long Snappers from 6th grade to second year of JC are eligible.
  5. You must have a minimum of 8 bungees holding the Target to the frame. Nice try making the Target loose so the ball slides in….I know your tricks:)
  6. It must be filmed the same way I film all of my Long Snappers at my camps. Long Snapper in bottom left or right hand corner of screen, Target in the upper opposite corner.
  7. You must have the back of The Target at a depth of 15 yards from the ball.
  8. I need to be able to see the Long Snapper and Target throughout the whole process. If at any point, the Long Snapper or Target are off screen during a snap, the video is void.
  9. The video must be load to YouTube with this as the title: Your Name, Rubio Long Snapping, Lights…Camera…SNAP!
  10. In the info section of the video, you must only put this information: Your Name, Grad Year and State. Anymore and the video will be void.
  11. As soon as you submit the video, you give up all rights of said video to Rubio Long Snapping and Chris Sailer Kicking.

The contest will officially end on September 1, 2013 at noon pst. Please contact me if you have any questions,

"Flatliners" Cameraman