After over 22,000 votes came in, the winner of the FREE admission to VEGAS XXXIII with almost 14,000 votes is Dylan Wiltcher! Great job Dylan and you truly showed the power of social media to win the contest! Excellent work. Please contact to see how to retrieve your prize.

Dylan Wiltcher

UPDATE!!! After receiving tons of great entries and seeing which ones followed the directions below (yes, there were some major issues with that part), your three finalists, in alphabetical order, are…..

Blake Hooker

Dylan Wiltcher

Jacob Zuhr

You can vote on the poll featured below in this very blog. Voting will be open until Monday night at 9 pm pst.  Feel free to share this page on social media and vote as often as you like. Let’s see which Rubio Long Snapper has the strongest social media pull and will win the FREE admission to VEGAS XXXIII!!!


Another Vegas means another Vegas Contest! Let’s see which Long Snapper will win a FREE admission to VEGAS XXXIII in January!

WHO: Any Long Snapper from the 8th grade to 2nd year of Junior College that would like a FREE admission to VEGAS XXXIII in January!

WHAT: A Long Snapper must create a YouTube video showing one to five incredible snaps. Make it as creative as you want. Involve a car (be safe), snapping with a crowd of lady friends around, a llama, snapping at a mall that is packed, etc. The snap(s) must be creative, 15 yards and solid. Rubio Long Snapper Zach Smith of USC made a full on trick shot video (see here) that went viral several years back with several snaps. I am asking you for ONE glorious snap that is super creative and on target. Yes, you can only enter one to five snaps. You don’t follow directions and you are immediately eliminated from the contest.

WHEN: All entries must be uploaded to YouTube with the title: Your Name, Rubio Long Snapping VEGAS XXXIIII Contest. Once they are uploaded you must email them to me at All entries must be submitted to me by no later than September 14th, 2018 at MIDNIGHT EASTERN TIME.

WHERE: Wherever you want, just be safe.

WHY: To earn a FREE admission to VEGAS XXXIIII on January 18-20, 2019! (travel and accommodations will not be provided)

The winner will be voted on by people around the world after the contest is narrowed done by yours truly!

The winner of the past contest was Brock Assel (now at Air Force) and can be seen below!


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  1. Tricia Tocco says

    Jacob Zuhr

  2. Dylan Wiltcher had the best one!!

  3. i think dylan wiltcher should win he is good.

  4. Feletchina Burr says

    I hope he wins!

  5. Heather Massey says

    Vote For Blake Hooker

  6. Blake Hooker is the most dedicated player in San Antonio

  7. Blake Hooked has this!

  8. Blake Hooker!!!

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