Rubio Long Snapping had a sensational Rising Seniors Event in Los Angeles on July 15th & 16th.

The finalist with the highest scores in the 40 yard dash are the following:

Carter Shupper
Rylan Vagana
Eddie Don
Jakob Ray
Jack Harris
Rio Hay
Andrew McLaughlin
Ryan Robbins
William McBride
Nick Curry
Briggs Waite
Braden McEldowney


Here are the 40 times for each Long Snapper:

Last, First 40 YRD AVG
Amorelli, Anthony (24) 5.29
Auzat, Miles (24) 5.11
Bear, (Aldège) (23) 5.21
Bigoness, Michael (24) 5.39
Curry, Nick (24) 5.01
Dean, Brody (25) 5.66
Devens, Jack (24) 5.82
Diaz, AJ (24) 5.10
Don, Eddie (24) 4.83
Edwards, Jack (24) 5.28
Glasman, Easton (24)
Godman, Logan (24) 6.03
Hamilton, Liam (24) 5.70
Harris, Jack (24) 4.94
Hay, Rio (24) 4.94
Hufford, Jack (24) 5.52
Johnson, Jack (24) 5.60
Karby, Ryan (24) 5.12
Mathis, Caden (24) 5.33
McBride, William 4.99
McEldowney, Braden (24) 5.02
McLaughlin, Andrew (24) 4.94
Mercado, Matthew (24) 5.15
Morse, Hayden 5.66
Musika, Augustine (24) 5.80
Null, AJ (24) 5.29
Poulson, Connor (24) 5.17
Ray, Jakob (24) 4.91
Robbins, Ryan (24) 4.96
Shupper, Carter (24) 4.71
Sisso, Eden (24) 5.13
Vagana, Rylan (24) 4.74
Waite, Briggs (24) 5.02



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