Recap of the TX Fall Camp (12/4/16)

Rubio Long Snapping traveled to Texas on December 4th, 2016 for their fall camp. Rubio Long Snapping will be traveling the country this fall instructing Long Snappers and getting them all ready for the biggest event of the year, VEGAS XXIX!

Long Snappers from TX, LA, AR, OK, NM, IL, MS, MI, AL & KS all traveled to get the best instruction and the most exposure possible for Long Snapping.



The overall camp champion was Jake Pagel. Pagel left no doubt that he is easily one of the top Long Snappers in the country. His ball is VERY fast and he can catch a serious groove to dominate. He was one of only about two Long Snappers that has been crowned champion by winning BOTH the speed and accuracy competition. His victory in TX earned him a free admission to VEGAS XXIX!

You can see the finals between Jake Pagel and John Raines below…

The next stop for Rubio Long Snapping will be AZ (12/11) and GA (12/18)

Top 2017 Long Snappers


Drew Wise

Drew Wise was on fire all day long and was actually my horse to win the whole thing. His snaps are very fast and tight. Ball just sticks to the punter’s hands when he catches a snap from Drew. He has excellent size and a tremendous attitude. College coaches should take a very hard look at Drew!

Noah Caldwell looked impressive in TX. Snaps were solid and had good speed. I really liked how smooth and relaxed he was throughout all the day.

John Davis moved well on his feet and was really accurate with his snaps all day. Locking down his spiral and snapping full speed puts him over the top.

Chris Clore is really getting his body in great shop and snapping with good speed and confidence. Locking down his spiral will move him way up.

Jarrod Jacobson has a great frame and form. Uses his body well and gets very good speed on the ball

Caleb Cantrell snaps well under pressure and is very accurate!

Steven Taylor did really well in TX. Ball is VERY smooth and he can easily be one of the most accurate Long Snappers in the country. It wouldn’t surprise me at all to see Taylor go very far in the finals at VEGAS XXIX.

Hunter Thiem is a very raw Long Snapper with a lot of potential. He moves well on his feet and is built well.

Notables: Justyce Hankins and Joe Smith

Top 2018 Long Snappers

Zach Edwards

Zach Edwards

Zach Edwards was tremendous out in TX. Kid is a PURE athlete that might have the fastest snaps in the country. Zach’s snaps absolutely rocket back to the punter to the point of almost looking fake. He could take the top spot in the country at VEGAS XXIX.

Ron Gaines was very solid in TX. Large Long Snapper with footwork that is definitely improving. Love to see him focus on continuing to improve his athleticism and making sure he is just a tad quicker out of the gate to speed up the overall snap speed.

John Raines was great all day. Looked very polished and was snapping with a good amount of confidence. Made it to the finals and could have easily taken home the championship.

Karsten Battles is absolutely dripping with potential and could easily be one of the top kids in his class. Great frame and he can rip the ball back to the punter. Moves well on his feet. This kid literally did not miss getting points on The Rubio Target….INCREDIBLE!!!

Evan Gibson looked very solid in TX. He is a really accurate Long Snapper that can catch a groove. Consistent and smooth.

Tre Rubio is coming along nicely and is always improving. Rubio (no relation) has some very quick hands that really get the ball out of the gate well.

Grayson Yeager is dripping with potential and could easily fight for a TOP 12 Camp spot at VEGAS XXIX. Great frame and he snaps a smooth ball.

Chandler Moses is a strong Long Snapper with great upside. Raw and can be a top kid in his class…..easily. Will be fun to watch him compete at VEGAS XXIX.

Stephen Elmore handles pressure really well and has solid accuracy.

Notables: Hunter Burson, Dillon Hayes, Cameron Harris, Evan Jennings, Turner Pallissard, Tyler Springer,

Top 2019 Long Snappers


Hayden Hood

Hayden Hood left no doubt he was the best 2019 Long Snapper at the TX camp. He moves really well on his feet and is a true athlete. He can really rip the ball back to the punter with times in the low .7s at times. Consistency of speed will be a major thing I am looking for at VEGAS XXIX.

Luke Rizzo is an athletic Long Snapper with good, raw power. Snapping with confidence will make him dominate at VEGAS XXIX.

Landon Sleeper is a strong and consistent Long Snapper with good potential and a great attitude.

Notables: Chad Wolf, Max Murry, Izeya Floyd, John Farris, Ross Arroyo

Top 2020 Long Snappers and beyond….

Ethan Wells

Ethan Wells

Ethan Wells was excellent all day in TX. He is a very consistent Long Snapper with great explosion and the ability to get the ball in the low .80s. I really like his attitude and the way he snaps the ball. Ethan could easily take the top spot in his class with a good performance at VEGAS XXIX.

Blake Hooker has great consistency and I like his attitude. Strength and power will help him a ton at VEGAS XXIX and beyond.

Phillip Bourque looked good with solid consistency and nice form.

Haydon Wiginton has great form for his age and I like the length of his frame.

JT Sleeper is big, powerful and oozing with potential.

Zachary Clore is overflowing with potential. He is built VERY long and already has some great form. Keep an eye out for Clore over the next couple of years.

Notables: Jack Curtin


  • My rankings are NOT done just from The Rubio Target and will always be announced when they are completed on social media.
  • My rankings are NOT done from some mathematical formula.
  • My rankings ARE done by me and my several select member of my senior staff. That is why they take a good amount of time. (Think of it this way, it takes MONTHS to build a Rolls Royce but only hours to build an average car)
  • My rankings are based off of this blog I wrote about what makes a Long Snapper great.
  • If you would like anything added to your profile page, simply email me ( the information and consider it done.
  • All Long Snappers are ranked after their first fall camp of their freshman year in high school.

A Long Snapper has the ability to adjust their ranking anytime I see them LIVE, not on video.

For the profiles section, simply go to click PLAYER PROFILES, click which class, click LONG SNAPPERS and find your name.


Rubio Long Snapping is, by far, the biggest and best resource for Long Snappers in the country. Offering the best instruction and most exposure in the world. Rubio Long Snapping can help you to become the best snapper you can be!

In just 12 years, Chris Rubio, President and Owner of Rubio Long Snapping, has become the #1 Long Snapping instructor in the country and the go-to man when a college coach needs a Long Snapper. Colleges from across the country rely on “Rubio’s” word day in and day out on who the best Long Snappers are in the country. Rubio Long Snapping has assisted in over 300 Long Snappers earning FULL SCHOLARSHIPS to major colleges and universities just for Long Snapping and many into the NFL as well.


2015 Spring and Summer Camps

Here we go, you have seen what others say about Rubio Long Snapping and now is the time to get involved. Here is a list, and explanations, of the Rubio Long Snapping spring and summer schedule for 2015


Spring and summer Long Snapping Camps are open to ALL levels Long Snappers. You do NOT have to be invited to attended any spring or summer Rubio Long Snapping Instructional Camps. These Long Snapping Camps are open to Long Snappers from 8th grade (younger with permission from Rubio) through college. The winners of each camp receive a FREE admission to the May Vegas Event put on by Rubio Long Snapping (travel and accommodations excluded). Please note: these camps will sell out quickly!

These camps are one day camps that offer instruction, film and classroom session, Long Snapping Discussion, NCSA recruiting meeting, Nutritional Discussion and Competition. Attending these camps gives you top notch instruction and the chance to be added to the Rubio Long Snapping Player Ranking Section of the website.

Why attend? To get the best instruction and the most exposure possible in the world as a Long Snapper, to be ranked with Rubio Long Snapping, to receive a Rubio Long Snapping shirt, To be filmed for YouTube (Long Snappers),To have the chance to win FREE admission to the Chris Sailer Kicking and Rubio Long Snapping National Spring Event in May in Las Vegas (travel and accommodations not included)

  • March 1, CA – SOLD OUT! (please email for the the wait list as spots tend to open up)
  • March 15, TX – SOLD OUT! (please email for the the wait list as spots tend to open up)
  • March 28, NC – SOLD OUT! (please email for the the wait list as spots tend to open up)
  • March 29, GA – SOLD OUT! (please email for the the wait list as spots tend to open up)
  • April 12, IL – SOLD OUT! (please email for the the wait list as spots tend to open up)
  • July 11, IL
  • July 23, TX
  • July 25, NC
  • July 26, GA
  • July 29, CA

You can register for any Rubio Long Snapping spring and summer camp HERE


As you know, the Vegas Events are the biggest and best Long Snapping camps in the world. They are truly a national event to see how you compete against the best in the nation, and world. The May Event, or VEGAS XXVI, is the second largest Long Snapping camp we run (VEGAS XXV in January is the biggest). The main difference is the weather and there are less seniors since many have already stepped onto their college campuses for their next stage of their life.

The Vegas Events are NOT an invite only camp. They are first come, first served. Long Snappers ranging from 8th grade – JC are allowed to attend.

This is the SUPER BOWL for Long Snappers. No other kicking event comes close to the exposure offered by the National Snapping Events. Rubio Long Snapping is, by far, the most credible recruiting source for Long Snappers in the country. The “TOP 12” and “EVENT ELITE” is the list to be on if you are seeking national exposure. From the Vegas Events, the Rubio Long Snapping Staff will select the “TOP 12” Seniors/JC & the “TOP 12” Underclassman (January) and “Event Elite” (May). Over 90% of the “TOP 12” have received full ride D1A scholarships in the past. Over 99% members of the “TOP 12” have gone on to play college football. In addition the “TOP 12” Underclassman will be invited to attend an exclusive summer camp to train and compete amongst that elite group.  The Competition Finals Round Winners (FG, Punt, and LS) will receive FREE Rubio Long Snapping Camps for 1 FULL YEAR. (Excludes transportation and Hotel). The Vegas Events offer the best exposure possible for Long Snappers. Rubio Long Snapping have personal relationships with over 100 D1A Universities and many more at other levels. This is your chance to get recognized on a national scale. Rubio Long Snapping work very closely with,,, etc. and have also been featured in Sports Illustrated, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Deadspin, etc.

  • VEGAS XXVI Prep Camp, May 3, CA
  • VEGAS XXVI, Small Group Sessions, May 8 – SOLD OUT! (please email for the the wait list as spots tend to open up)
  • VEGAS XXVI, May 9-10

You can register for any Rubio Long Snapping VEGAS EVENT HERE


For the second year in a row, Rubio Long Snapping and Chris Sailer Kicking will be teaming up with FBU to run their specialists portions of their camps. FBU is the world’s largest football training service and has hired us to handle their Long Snapping section. It is an honor and we are proud to do it again. It is a top notch organization that benefits countless athletes across the country.

This year, Rubio Long Snapping will be running more camps in order to hit more areas around the country. To be able to do this, I will only be at certain locations. The locations in italics are camps that I will personally be at this spring and summer. Those not in italics, will have two senior Rubio Long Snapping instructors in attendance (staff members that have been with me for well over 30 camps). They will follow the same format as myself and report directly to FBU and yours truly.

We will be choosing the two Long Snappers that will participate in the US ARMY ALL-AMERICAN BOWL at the FBU TOP GUN CAMP in Ohio on July 16-18. Chris Sailer Kicking will also be selecting the East Bay Youth All-American for the Class of 2019 (Freshman All-American Bowl) and 2020 (8th Grade All-American Bowl) at the FBU TOP GUN CAMP in Ohio on July 16-18. You MUST be invited to the TOP GUN camp by performing well at one of the regional camps prior to the TOP GUN Camp. Bottom line, you will have to do well at one of the camps, that the Chris Sailer Kicking staff  is in attendance at, to pick up an invite from myself and/or one of my senior instructors.

You will need a code to register for an FBU camp, and since you are a Rubio Long Snapper, you will have it right now: CR15. Use this code to register now for an FBU camp as they will sell out.

  • April 24-25, Central Florida
  • May 1-2, North Carolina
  • May 1-2, Dallas
  • May 15-16, New Jersey
  • May 22-23, Atlanta
  • May 29-30, South Florida
  • June 5-6, Chicago
  • June 5-6, San Francisco
  • June 19-20, Los Angeles
  • June 19-20, Houston
  • July 10-11, Ohio
  • July 16-18, Dublin, Ohio, TOP GUN CAMP (this is the camp where the US ARMY BOWL ALL-AMERICANS, FRESHMAN ALL-AMERICANS & 8TH GRADE ALL-AMERICANS will be selected)


  • June 29-30, CA

This camp will be ONLY for 4 year university college Long Snappers AND Long Snappers entering into a 4 year university. 1st year JC and freshman, sophomores and juniors in high school can NOT attend this camp.

This will be a very high level camp that will be run similarly to the TOP 12 and EVENT ELITE camp. Cost of the camp will include hotel, transportation to the fields and the instruction. This camp is built for Long Snappers looking to dominate the college camp and get ready for the NFL.

You can register for the Rubio Long Snapping College Camp HERE


  • March 3, CA

You (the specialists) asked for it, you got it. They (NFL coaches) asked for it, they got it. As you know, Chris Sailer and myself have always run the biggest and best exposure camps for high school Long Snappers and kickers. Now it is time for us to move completely into the NFL realm to give the needed exposure to our college athletes.

Chris Sailer and myself have been asked COUNTLESS times to run a free agent camp since it is something that has been lacking for quite some time in the world of specialists. It is now time. This one day camp will be a showcase for NFL coaches. There will be little coaching (you shouldn’t need a ton if you are at this camp) as this camp will all be about exposure. NFL coaches and personnel will be on hand to personally see the Long Snappers in action.

In order to attend this camp, you must be out of college and be eligible for the NFL draft.

You can register for the NFL Free Agent camp HERE (spots will be limited)

Rubio, Saban and SailerCOLLEGE CAMPS

Rubio Long Snapping will be in charge of several university led college camps across the country. These are camps that the universities put on and have us run. You will register through THEIR site. Here is the list, so far, as more will be added once the dates are finalized…

  • Alabama, June 6
  • Texas A&M, June 8
  • Oregon, June 13
  • UCLA, June 18
  • LSU, July 19
  • USC, TBD


This camp is open ONLY to those invited personally by Chris Rubio. You are chosen to attend this camp by performing extremely well at either the January or May National Snapping Events in Las Vegas. Do NOT sign up for this camp unless you have been formally invited by  Rubio. Former “TOP 12” and “EVENT ELITE” members includes countless college and NFL players, All-Americans, NFL Pro Bowlers and Super Bowl participants.

Top 12 and Event Elite - 2014Some Long Snapping “TOP 12” Alumni: Christian Yount (Cleveland Browns), Justin Drescher (New Orleans Saints), Aaron Brewer (Denver Broncos), Jon Weeks (Houston Texans) to name a few.

The “TOP 12” is chosen after the January Event (VEGAS XXV) and the “EVENT ELITE” is chosen after the spring Event (VEGAS XXVI). There are obviously 12 chosen for the “TOP 12” and there is no set number for the “EVENT ELITE”. Those that deserve it and are top of their class in May, get chosen…it could be one, it could be 20.

The success rate of those we have been selected in the past that go on to play college football (most on scholarship) is over 95%.

Invites go out after each Vegas Event.

  • June 15-17, CA

Underclassmen Invite Event - 2014UNDERCLASSMEN INVITE EVENT

You will almost think of this Event as a baby TOP 12 & EVENT ELITE Camp. This two day event is a camp that Rubio Long Snapping will be completely gearing towards the athletes and their parents/guardians. This camp is meant to not only get the athletes headed in the right direction in the beginning of their high school careers, but also the parents as well. It will provide information regarding nutrition, social media, recruiting, film, education and, of course, on field instruction. This event is just as much for the parents/guardians as it is the athletes!

College recruiting for Long Snappers is finally getting where it needs to be. Scholarships are being offered earlier and earlier each year. Early exposure is necessary these days. The Rubio Long Snapping Underclassmen “Invite Only” Event is the perfect opportunity to make a name for yourself and solidify your national ranking at the perfect time. The middle of the summer is now the time college coaches build their underclassmen lists. You want to be on that list. This camp will get you there. It is also your first opportunity to prove that you are a “TOP 12” candidate in your class. The camp is set for early July for a reason, college coaches asked us to do this. They want the inside track early. Don’t be surprised to see more and more underclassmen offered during the season in the near future.

There will be formal meetings/classroom sessions on individual topics such as: Training (what level is right for the underclassmen athlete, how often, proper techniques), Nutrition and Lifting (Good habits, bad habits), Social Media (Setting up and using the proper social media outlets – this has become a must), Filming (proper angles, techniques, times, set up), Education (the importance of it, standards, year by year plan)

Invites go out in May.

  • June 19-20, CA