The Importance of Repetitions and a Performance Mindset in Long Snapping

Three (must have) keys to success in Long Snapping are good instruction, practice and repetition, and most importantly – trust in your skills.

Repetitions train the mind and body to learn a specific skill set like Long Snapping. It allows you to execute the perfect snap time and time again, because your body is essentially programmed this way.

There is a false assumption about learning a new technique such as Deep Snapping and Accuracy that athletes should be able to apply it right away. Likewise, some players believe that they should be able to make adjustments in their game, and have it pay off right away. Change doesn’t happen overnight. When you expect change to happen overnight, you are setting yourself up for failure. Athletes must practice what they learn in order to put it into action. Why? Old habits are hard to change. So anytime you learn something new (or teach something new), it takes a lot of repetition to change.

Repetition trains the body to mechanically achieve the desired result of a “perfect snap”, but the mind is a whole other mechanism that is as equally important.

You might have outstanding form or technique, but you must trust in what you have learned in practice in order to apply it in competition. A lack of trust in ones skills is the top reason Long Snappers can’t repeat – in competition – what they do easily in practice every day.

Several mental barriers can get in the way:

  • Fear of failure
  • Perfectionism
  • High expectations
  • Focusing on results, rather than the process
  • Pressure of the moment

The concept of trust applies universally from youth to professional Long Snappers. To perform your absolute best – with consistency – you must trust in what was learned from practice.

So, how do we trust our skills in competition?

First, overcome the mental barriers mentioned above and perform at a high level. This is called the performance mindset.

Top Long Snappers have both a training/work mindset and a performance mindset. When you combine the two you develop a “flow” that allows your body to almost effortlessly execute at the highest level.

Change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes good instruction, practice and repetition, and trust in your skills to be a top Long Snapper.


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