ASK RUBIO – Redshirting in High School? Best Looking on 90210? Potential NFL Long Snappers? Liking Sailer?

Dear Rubio…

1) What are your thoughts about holding back/red shirting a high school student athlete for the sole purposes of giving them an edge athletically against their peers? 2) Also I need your 90210 expertise to settle an argument, Valerie right? (Tiffani Amber Thiessen)

It would depend on when you hold the athlete back. If it is done sooner in life, I feel that is better. When you get into the high school years, it could really mess with their demeanor as they will be losing a lot of friends at that point. Bottom line, if you are going to do it, do it EARLY.

As for the 90210 question (great one by the way), I have to go with Valerie (Tiffany Amber Theissen). How could I not after her dominant performance as Kelly Kapowski on the hit TV show Saved by the Bell!??!?!? The lady was one of my first crushes (as I have a feeling I speak for millions of other men my age as well that grew up in the 80’s and 90’s)



Dear Rubio….

You have explained to us how you are able to recognized college long snappers out of high schoolers, but what do you see in college snappers to be potential NFL Long snappers? Also, how can a snapper adjust to be a more appealing prospect?
-BGSU Long Snapper

Christian Yount

–BGSU Long Snapper….
There are a couple differences between a college Long Snapper and an NFL Long Snapper: Size (NFL Long Snappers usually are right around the 240+ range), Accuracy (an NFL Long Snapper might not always be the fastest Long Snapper you have ever seen but they should RARELY, and I mean RARELY miss….think two out of 100) and Blocking. The last point, blocking, is a massive aspect that kills a lot of guys chances at the next level because they either never did it in college (thank you spread formation) and can’t get used to it quickly by the pro day. The speed jump from high school to college is quadrupled from college to the NFL. Not being able to keep up with that jump is what kills hopes and dreams of a college Long Snapper trying to make the NFL.

At the Rubio Long Snapping College as well as the NFL Free Agent Camp, we will work on blocking a ton to make sure each Long Snapper is a more appealing prospect.



Dear Rubio….

Sailer and Rubio at UCLADid you like Sailer when you guys played together at UCLA?

Yes, I actually did BECAUSE he never acted like a “kicker” 🙂 He would get back, do his little step thingy and kick the ball. IF he missed, he would never blame me (not that he could, I was throwing pearls back there) and just go to the next kick. He had very much a lineman attitude and, ironically, used to always hang out with me and the lineman.




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Two Rubio Long Snappers Signed as Free Agents

The NFL lockout officially ended on Monday morning and two long time Rubio Long Snappers were picked up almost immediately! Congratulations go out to Corey Adams of Kansas St and Christian Yount of UCLA. I have known and trained both of them for over 6 years and I can tell you that you simply won’t find two better and more loyal guys. How highly do I think of these two fine young gentleman? Put it this way, they were on a very short list that were invited to my wedding.

Here is some background on both….

Corey Adams played his high school football at a very small school outside of Denver, CO called Lewis Palmer HS. He was the first player ever offered a scholarship from there to play football (side note: well done to Kansas St). He was a TOP 12 member and the number one Long Snapper in his graduating class (2007). He went his entire four years at Kansas St without a single bad snap. Corey has helped out at the January and May Vegas Events for the past four years and has always done a terrific job.

Fun Fact: It was actually a little tricky making Corey’s high school highlight tape as his punter was too scared to catch his fast snaps. The punter was often caught on tape backing up to 18 yards or simply dropping them.

Check out this newscast of Corey in high school and look for a great cameo in it!

Christian Yount played his high school football at Tesoro HS in Coto de Caza, CA. He started snapping simply to get a spot on the bus (double side note: nice life changing decision). He was a TOP 12 member and the number one Long Snapper in his graduating class (2006). He was the first Long Snapper to ever be offered a full scholarship his junior year in high school. He grayshirted at UCLA and was a two time Playboy All-American (triple side note: he was also the first winner of the award).
Fun Fact: Christian once had a football coach tell him that Long Snapping was a bad idea, he was wasting his time and they don’t give out scholarships for just that position. That guy was obviously like Nostradamus as Christian was the only one on his HS team to receive a full ride and he seems to have done pretty well for himself.

Best of luck to these two and I look forward to writing many more of these blogs about future Rubio Long Snappers headed to the NFL….will the next one be about you?


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