VEGAS XXV Contest with SoloShot!

"Rubioing" at it's finest!

“Rubioing” at it’s finest!

Every year, Sailer and I have a contest as we head towards our big Vegas Events. The contest usually entails a Long Snapper, kicker or punter taking a creative photo either “Rubioing” if you are a Long Snapper or “Sailering” if you are a kicker/punter.

Since VEGAS XXV is going to be the biggest and best Vegas Event we have ever had, we have stepped up the game.

SoloShot has told us they want in on the contest and they are putting up a BIG prize for the winners.

The contest entails you must follow @SOLOSHOTupdates on Twitter and Instagram, then whenever taking you’re desired photo of “Rubioing” or “Sailering” en route to VEGAS XXV, tag @TheChrisRubio (obviously if you are a Long Snapper) or @Chris_Sailer (if you are a kicker/punter) as well as tagging @SOLOSHOTupdates on Twitter AND Instagram. One winner will be selected by Rubio / SoloShot and the other by Sailer /SoloShot for most creative post.

The winners will be announced on Saturday at 8 pm pst. and will receive a Base and Tag package. retail value of $399 This package will keep you’re desired camera pointed at you from up to 2,000ft away capturing all of you’re training sessions.

May the best Long Snapper and kicker/punter win! Game on!