It is time.

All my life, I have been told I should teach.

People would tell me when I was younger, you are going to be a teacher.

Rubio, they would say, you just seem to have a way to get people to get “it.”

I truly loved my time as a teacher, and I knew this day would eventually come….again.

Leaving something is never easy, no matter what the circumstances

For the past 12 years, I have poured my heart and soul into Long Snapping

Over and over and over, I have battled with this decision.

Over and over and over, I have thought of ways to say this to everyone

Long Snapping will always be a passion of mine, but it is time for me to move on.

Some of you will understand this and someone of you will not. Always just look from the beginning and it will be clear. It is time.




April Fools Day 2016

(make sure you look closely at the first letter of each line and read down…plus, don’t forget to look at the shirt)


Only So Many Days….

You only have so many seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years to make things happen in your life. Whether it’s traveling the world, writing a book, finding that right job or even meeting that perfect someone…your time is limited.

If you are looking to be an elite athlete, Long Snapper of course, you’re time frame has just dropped significantly. Your window is considerably less and the time needs to be taken much more seriously. In the drive of life, you will be rolling by that window of opportunity at 100 mph and you need to make sure you open your eyes, heart and mind fully to take full advantage of it.

Today is a day. A Tuesday to be exact. Just like many others. But I have to ask…..

How are you going to make it different?
How are you going to improve?
How are you going to show the coach there is NO DOUBT you deserve that starting spot in the Fall?
How are you going to separate yourself from those clawing at your heels in the rankings?

How are you going to improve to catch that Long Snapper ahead of you that you think you are better than BUT have not proven it to me yet?
How are you getting ready for the Spring Event in Vegas this May?
How are you getting mentally ready for the challenges of Vegas to ensure you grab a TOP 12/EVENT ELITE spot?

Please notice how I have used the word you so frequently. This piece is about you getting up and making yourself better. Not mommy or daddy. Not your coach. Not your tutor. Not even me. YOU need to pick yourself up and get the work done. Like I always say, you will be the one snapping the ball. Focus up and let’s go.

Now pause. I want you to picture yourself getting better, making yourself better, leaving no doubt…dominating.

Now make it happen.


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