Key Questions to Ask a College Coach

I have been getting a lot of emails, texts and calls about what to say to a college coach once you get a hold of them or they of you.  Some pretty basic questions to ask, but, I have to warn you, you might not like the “answers.”

Question you should ask but WON’T get a straight answer:

Player – Coach, are you recruiting anyone else at my position?

This is a great question but more likely than not, the coach will lie to you and say no one else. And, they have no reason to tell you. Think about it, would you be completely honest with a girl if you asked her to prom and she asked if there was anyone else you were considering asking? Didn’t think so.

Questions you should ask and NEED to get a straight answer: 

Player – Coach, if I am preferred walk-on, when exactly will I report to camp, does this include my admission to school and when exactly when will I be put on scholarship?

Major questions to ask and you definitely need to find out the answers. You want to be brought in asap and if you aren’t, you need to find out why. Most likely they have another guy they didn’t tell you about and this could be an issue moving forward. Next, you want to make sure it is very clear when you will be put on scholarship. Is it going to be right after your first start? Is it going to be a semester after your first start? Is it going to be when the senior graduates? Is it going to be one year after you start? Use the word exactly and find out the specifics with the coach. Don’t let them fluff an answer.

Question you want to ask but SHOULDN’T EVEN BOTHER expecting a straight answer:
Player – Coach, will you be there all four/five years I am in school?

The coach will answer YES but there is no way he is being completely honest with you. If something better coaching wise comes up, they are gone (and they should be…this is their job and their livelihood). Remember, never, ever choose a college based on the coach.




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