FBU Top Gun Showcase & The U.S. Army All-American Bowl – 2017!

Chris Sailer Kicking and Rubio Long Snapping have a long-standing partnership with the All-American Games’s Football University (FBU).  FBU combines position-specific technique training with NFL-experienced coaches. They are also the largest football training service in the US.  This partnership is special as it allows for the pooling of resources to give you MAXIMUM EXPOSURE & TRAINING.

Since Chris Sailer Kicking and Rubio Long Snapping are the official specialist selection partners, each year, we have the honor of choosing six specialists (2 Kickers, 2 Punters & 2 Long Snappers) to participate in the US ARMY ALL-AMERICAN BOWL and Football University’s ALL-AMERICAN BOWL GAMES (Freshman All-American Bowl & 8th Grade All-American Bowl).

All selections will be made at the FBU TOP GUN SHOWCASE on July 7th – 8th, 2017 in Rock Hill, South Carolina.

*You DO NOT have to participate in an FBU regional camp to qualify this year.

*To be considered for the US ARMY ALL-AMERICAN BOWL, you must participate in the FBU TOP GUN SHOWCASE.

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Recap of the FBU TOP GUN Camp (July 14-15, 2016)

CSK_RLS_FBURubio Long Snapping traveled to Rock Hill, SC on July 14-15 to run the FBU TOP GUN Camp and choose the FBU and Army All-Americans. The weather was hot and so were the Long Snappers in attendance. The Long Snappers present were many of the best in the country and the competition did not disappoint. Here are the results of the two day camp….


Thomas Fletcher Army All-American

Thomas Fletcher Army All-American

As expected, the senior class was stacked with Long Snapping talent from all over the country. Previously named Army All-American Thomas Fletcher led the group with very quick hands, incredible form and flawless snaps under pressure. Nick Saban and Alabama got a great one when Fletcher committed on full scholarship to the Tide.

The top four Long Snappers that headed into the competition for the final Army All-American spot were Drew Wise, Kyle Gibbs, Jake Pagel and Mitch Hall. The first ball was between Drew Wise and Kyle Gibbs. Both Long Snappers were excellent over the two day span with VERY fast snaps on a consistent basis. Gibbs proved to be the better Long Snapper by knocking out Wise in just a couple of snaps.

Mitch Hall Army All American

Mitch Hall Army All American

The next battle was between Jake Pagel and Mitch Hall. Both Long Snappers showed great accuracy over the two day span with no let off when heavy pressure or blocking was thrown into the mix. Mitch Hall took the lead early in this one and never let up to defeat Pagel.

The final Army All-American spot came down to a snap off between Kyle Gibbs and Mitch Hall. The heated match went for many snaps as the Long Snappers had to get a total of seven points. They both hit a three right off the bat, but Mitch Hall was able to pull away in the end and earn the coveted Army All-American spot for the East Team!


Max Durschlag

Max Durschlag

The top two Long Snappers in this class were Maddie Golden and Max Durschlag with Durschlag coming out on top in the end to claim the title 2018 TOP GUN MVP Long Snapper. Durschlag started slow but got hot at the right time and was smooth as silk on the final day. Doesn’t say much but doesn’t need to do when he is throwing heat like he did on the final day.


Frank melgarejo

Frank melgarejo

The top two Long Snappers in this class were Drew Little and Frank Melgarejo with Melgarejo edging out Little in the competition to claim the title 2019 TOP GUN MVP Long Snapper. Melgarejo is a very athletic Long Snapper with good upside. Hands are strong and he is aggressive when he is snapping. Working on smoothing out his snapping motion will greatly move him up the ladder. Good potential.


Kameron Hawkins and Aaron Estrada

Kameron Hawkins and Aaron Estrada

Aaron Estrada and Kameron Hawkins were the top 2020 Long Snappers and both earned the honor of being FBU All-Americans at the Alamo Dome in January. Estrada outlasted Jacob Zuhr while Hawkins out performed Jackson Worthen in the finals. Estrada has a nice, long frame with good starting form and can handle pressure well. Hawkins was flat out dominant on both days of the camp and was snapping pearls non-stop. Both of these Long Snappers have the potential to be very dominant over the next couple years.

Carson Garrison was named a 2021 FBU All-American and be invited to the game in January at the Alamo Dome in San Antonio. He was crowned champion by defeating Nick Walker in a snap off on day two of the TOP GUN Camp. Garrison was solid over the two day span with consistent and accurate snaps with times right at the 1 second mark at worst. Very good upside and he handles pressure really well.



Over 60 Long Snappers came out to the FBU TOP GUN camp in Ohio to compete against each other for spots to the FBU 7th & 8th All-Star games along with the granddaddy of them all, the US ARMY ALL-AMERICAN BOWL in San Antonio, TX.

TOP GUN 2015

On the first day, the two best Long Snappers in attendance, John Shannon (’16, IL) and Johnny Den Bleyker (’16, CA) were chosen to battle for the first All-American spot. They went head to head on The Rubio Target to see who would be the first to five. These two didn’t disappoint with both scoring on each snap. Eventually, John Shannon couldn’t be beat and earned the first All-American spot.

Jacob Zuhr FBU

Jacob Zuhr with Erik Richards of the Army All-American Bowl

For the youth, four 2020 Long Snappers were chosen to battle. Kameron Hawkins (CA), Jacob Zuhr (FL), Jackson Worthen (KY and Zane McCracken (GA) competed for one spot for the FBU All-Star game. The snaps were crisp and all did very well but the best of the best on this day was Jacob Zuhr and he was selected to be an FBU All-Star!

On day two of the FBU TOP GUN camp, the Long Snappers were taken through several competitions involving speed, accuracy and athleticism. After two days of charting, the top four 2016 Long Snappers were Jake Cesear (CA), Geron Eatherly (TX), Ben Wyatt (NC) and Johnny Den Bleyker (CA). Geron Eatherly battled Ben Wyatt to start off the finals and both did very well but Eatherly proved to be too much for Wyatt.

Next up was Jake Cesear against Johnny Den Bleyker. Both started slow but then it heated up quickly with Den Bleyker coming out on top. Snaps were crisp and on target for both Long Snappers.

Army All-Americans 2015

Army All-Americans Johnny Den Bleyker and John Shannon

The finals was Eatherly vs Den Bleyker. One of these two would be the final US ARMY ALL-AMERICAN Long Snapper. These two Long Snappers did not disappoint with both averaging in the low .7s with the ball being right on target. In the end, Den Bleyker proved his dominance and earned the spot.

For the 2020 Long Snappers, the final four to compete for the last spot were Kameron Hawkins (CA), Zane McCracken (GA), Michael Bastuga (IN) and Jackson Worthen (KY). It came down to Hawkins vs Worthen in the finals with Worthen being nails and earning the spot. I was VERY impressed with this group of incoming 8th graders. The future is bright with Rubio Long Snapping! (You should see the form on these kids!)

Congratulations to all of the Long Snappers in attendance and I wanted to give a couple shootouts to some of the guys that really stood out in my eyes….

Jackson Worthen FBU

Jackson Worthen

2016: Jake Munoz, Harrison Freeman, Jackson Quiggle, Riley Shackelford and Phillip Thomas

2017: Ryan Culbertson, Paul Lawless, Matthew Smith

2018: Jarrett Key

2019: Quentin Skinner and Rhys Suter

Rubio Long Snapping will be partnered with FBU again in 2016 with new locations being posted within a couple months and camps starting in March. See you soon.