RECAP: 11th Annual National Snapping Spring Event in Las Vegas

On May 4-5, 2013 well over 100 Long Snappers from around the globe came out to Las Vegas to participate in the 11th Annual National Snapping Spring Event in Las Vegas sponsored by Nike. The talent was excellent and so were the conditions. The staff was overflowing with one staff member per three Long Snappers so everyone was able to get the full experience throughout the weekend. Day one of the Event was all about instruction and many Long Snappers stood out immediately to make a name for themselves.

After it was all said and done, the winner of the camp was CJ Keller (2014, AZ). CJ handles pressure as well as anyone in the country, was snapping bullets all day and is very, very accurate and consistent. Kid is a machine and outlasted the rest of the competitors to take home the title!

CJ Keller

Winner of the 11th Annual National Snapping Spring Event: CJ KELLER!

The 12 finalists that earned their spot through their RSI score on the Target were: Nate Adams (AZ), Wyatt “Tucker” Smith (MS), RC Brunstetter (NC), Jordan Frese (TX), Tanner Carew (CA), Justin Garza (CA), Jake Knight (MI), CJ Keller (AZ), Bryan Scanlan (IL), Blake Ferguson (GA), Jordan Ober (NV) and Chris Nieto (CA).


The Finalists from the Spring Event

Here are some of the top performers, by graduating class, from the weekend…


Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 9.08.55 AM

Andrew MacLean was dominant all weekend in Vegas!

  • Andrew MacLean was outstanding all weekend. He is built extremely well and snapping with a ton of confidence. This big Canadian has made quite a name for himself.
  • Jason Diffee was out in Vegas to get fine-tuned before heading off to Eastern Washington on scholarship. He did not disappoint.
  • Cody Block was smooth and is built well. Moves very smooth on his feet and is consistent with his snaps.


Tanner Carew

Tanner Carew was dominant all weekend in Vegas.

  • Tanner Carew was off the charts all weekend and has taken the top spot in his class. Snaps absolute rockets, built like an athlete and has a tremendous attitude. Tell him what to do and just consider it done. TONS of upside on this already tremendous Long Snapper. 
  • Alan Lucy continues his dominance by snapping well and really doing a great job in transforming his body into a D1 athlete.
  • Wyatt “Tucker” Smith is easily the top JC Long Snapper in the country. Built like a college tight end and snaps fire back to the punter.
  • Nate Adams has an amazing frame, a smooth snap and is very consistent. Love the way he moves and has a nice, smooth snap back to the punter and holder.
  • Casey Wilson is easily the smoothest Long Snapper in the country and will be purely dominant once he locks down his blocking.
  • Patrick Freeze is big, strong and snapping with a lot of confidence.
  • Curtis Billen easily snaps in the .6s and has a solid frame.
  • Jordan Frese is the top Long Snapper in TX and showed it all weekend. Great improvement.
  • Chris Nieto is built extremely long and athletic with a ton of upside. Could end up dominating his class.
  • Adam Vaught is massive and is snapping with power. The angrier he is is, the better he snaps.
  • Garrett Frum is working like a mad men and continues to improve daily.
  • Justin Garza was on fire all weekend. Intense Long Snapper that showed a ton of potential.
  • Seth Combs was snapping rockets all weekend and looked great all around.
  • Mitchell Hardy is big and snapping with great confidence. Tremendous attitude.
  • Nate Hawkins is very smooth and accurate with his Long Snapping. The more aggressive he gets, the better he will be.
  • Joel Baldwin has a nice long frame and a very smooth snap.
  • JC Everett is extremely coachable and strong. Always improving.
  • Christian Samarzich has a good body and is locking down his spiral. Solid all around Long Snapper.
  • Tommy Sullivan just continues to impress me with how he is turning his body and snapping around for greatness.
  • John Morrison is not the biggest man in the world but was snapping like he was. Smart Long Snapper that snaps hard.
  • Joe Lang has a great frame and always improves. Excellent attitude. Bright future.


Blake Ferguson

Blake Ferguson was dominant all weekend in Vegas!

  • Blake Ferguson left no doubt he was the best Long Snapper in his class. When he is on, he is easily a college level Long Snapper NOW!
  • AJ Carty is built like a college Long Snapper and he is only a sophomore. Sky is the limit for him.
  • George Madden snaps rockets and as soon as he locks down the spiral, he will dominate
  • Tyler Douglas is built extremely well and is snapping hard. Keep an eye on him.
  • Ben Makowski is snapping with a lot of confidence and built thick.
  • Ryan Simmons is just a machine that keeps getting better. Smart.
  • Jake Knight is long, lean and has tons of upside.
  • Tyler Griffiths did well with his strong body and quick hands. Lots and lots of potential.
  • Harrison Goebel was impressive to say the least. Built very well. Lots of upside.
  • Jordan Ober was impressive out in Vegas. Built long and has great consistency.
  • Grant Gluhaich might have been the most improved Long Snapper over the weekend. If he keeps growing, he will crush all.
  • Darren Diffee handles pressure well and is very accurate.
Screen Shot 2013-05-29 at 9.09.12 AM
  • John Shannon was phenomenal all weekend in Vegas. At times, can snap in the .6s already! Great frame. Needless to say, keep a very close eye on him. 
  • Johnny Den Bleyker did very well out in Vegas. Moves well on his feet and is very athletic. Great attitude.
  • Damon Johnson looked good with his form and was snapping the ball well. The more comfortable he gets with his ability, the better he will be.
  • Donald Reiter was impressive out in Vegas. He snaps a tight ball and shows waves of brilliance with his speed on the ball.
  • Conner Kirkegaard continues to be a solid Long Snapper with great speed. The more consistent he gets, the better he will be.
  • Grant Crum stood out with his continued performance all weekend. Could be the sleeper of his class.

Rubio Long Snapping will kick off it’s summer tour with camps in TX on June 9, the TOP 12 and EVENT ELITE camp on June 21-23, the Underclassmen Invite Event on June 29-30, CA on July 11, NC on July 15, GA on July 17, the College Camp on July 19-21, MA on July 25, IL on July 27 and CA on July 29.

Rubio will also be running college specialists camps for  LSU, Texas A&M, Alabama, UCLA, Oregon and Washington as well. All information can be found on

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