The Beginning……..

I am creating this blog to be able to go into a great deal of depth for my Long Snappers (always will be capitalized as they deserve it) and their parents. Imagine my Twitter on steroids. I will try to keep it up weekly. Instead of just jumping into a random topic about Long Snapping, I decided the first one will be in response to how I got started in Long Snapping. It is one of the most common questions I get and a pretty good story, so here we go…
Rubio – 7th Grade

Growing up I was always a bit heavy for my age. How big you might ask? Put it this way, elastic and I were very good friends from about second grade on. I was a big kid and a solid athlete. I did well at all sports that involved hand eye coordination and I enjoyed being in charge on teams. Pitcher, point guard, quarterback…those were my positions. I was a big kid and used my weight very well to my advantage.

Organized football began for me and it was “banished” to flag football. Oh, I could have played tackle but it would have been with kids at least four years older due to my extra bit of weight I was toting around. So, I played flag and was the quarterback. I loved it. I could throw the ball a mile (probably twenty yards) and football was one of my favorite sports. Years passed and I got to my freshman year in high school. Finally, I would be able to play tackle football without weight restrictions. I was beyond ready, or so I thought.
First day of freshman football and the coach says, “Rubio, what position do you want to play.” Given, I say “quarterback” and smile. This moment is one of the times in your life that you never forget. The coach looks at me and says, “Rubio, you are way too big for quarterback and you will NEVER touch the football.” I was sent to the offensive line and was set up with a coach who insisted on yelling every single thing. Let me clarify something pretty quickly here, I am not someone who enjoys being yelled at (hence why you will never, ever see me yell at my Long Snappers). I consider myself not too shabby in the brains department and can follow instructions pretty well. Tell me to do something and consider it done. Show me and it is really done. Yell at me and you are now Charlie Brown’s teacher to me.
Needless to say, I loathed freshman football. Fourth string everything, the pads were annoying, never played and was way out of shape. I was done with football. After season (yes, I made it through and did NOT quit….also a pretty substantial moment in my life) I told myself I wasn’t going to play again and would focus on grades and other sports. All that changed pretty quickly in about a year’s time.
Over the summer between my sophomore and junior year, a good friend of mine and I were throwing a football around at his house when he decided to snap it to me. He was the starting Long Snapper for the varsity team. I literally had never even paid attention to that position (who would) and never had seen someone do it up close (again, who would). Immediately, being competitive at that age, I told him I could do that. I grabbed the ball like I was throwing it and just tossed it, one handed, upside down to him. He was astounded and said, “Rubio, you know that snap was really good?!?” I had no idea what I had even done or how I did it. To me it was just throwing a ball upside down and backwards. It was easy for me and I was hooked. Here was my chance to touch the football and be somewhat in charge. I was essentially a more exclusive quarterback.
Rubio – 11th Grade

Junior year comes around and I am ready for football. Grew into my body a bit (still much closer to three clicks on the scale then to two but was over six feet tall) and knew what to expect. Plus, I had a niche. I ended up starting at Long Snapper and offensive lineman. I was very average at lineman but solid at Long Snapper. Junior year was finished and I got more and more focused on Long Snapping. I would set up a tire on a tree in my backyard and just let it rain. Remember, I used to be a quarterback and could throw the ball very well. Since I was a one handed snapper, it was the same thing to me as a quarterback. I just happened to me upside and aiming the wrong way. I got down, got set and threw it as hard as I could. I had no idea what I was actually doing, but I could do it and I did it well.

During my senior year of football, I began to get letters from universities across the country simply for Long Snapping. I thought it was a joke. Even though I was a Long Snapper, I still didn’t really focus on others and/or even watch a ton of football to see other Long Snappers doing it. I guess I never even realized if you did it in high school, you would essentially be able to do it in college. It turns out colleges really appreciate someone with solid grades, was well rounded with school activities, had a good frame and can snap a ball pretty darn quick.
Ended up narrowing my decision down to three schools: Columbia, Pitzer and UCLA. Columbia ended up being eliminated when the coach heard my mother yell while I was on the phone that there was no way in hell I was going all the way to New York (seriously happened). Pitzer got knocked out when I visited the school and just couldn’t see myself there. UCLA was the winner. It was a place I had always wanted to go and now I had the opportunity. Decision was done. I was off to the school of my dreams and the doors opened to that school in part because of Long Snapping.
What happened at UCLA? Maybe that story will be told on another blog:)

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